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Duncan Barrett Brown  📍Los Angeles resident. 🏠From Oklahoma. 🎬Entertainer. "Duncan is like if a dumb ass jock had a love child with a highly enlightened Dalai Lama."


“My name is Duncan and I don’t know what to do with my hands.” #hollywood #therearebetteroptions #iswear #malemodel #actorswag #awkwardhands #goodtry #findthefunny #worklife

My word for the year is “transform” I have been doing great the last couple of weeks but today I received some news that brought me back to a place of fear, and got my emotions and spiritual alignment all out of wack. All day I have just sat in my sadness and fear. And then I had a moment of clarity that brought me back to my true nature. And I said (excuse my language) “Fuck fear.” It wasn’t just for today, it wasn’t just for this week. This was a break through for my life and hopefully it’s something you need to hear as well. No matter what the situation, this is MY life and I choose who and what I give my power to. It certainly will not be fear. I am done with the fear of sickness, I am done with the fear of death, I am done with the fear of intimacy, I am done with the fear of abandonment, I am done with the fear of judgement, I am done with the fear of not being good looking enough or talented enough, I am done with the fear that I am not worthy of success, I am done with the fear that I’m not loved, I am done with the fear of failure, I am done with the fear of pain, I am done with the fear of not being accepted, I am done with the fear of being misunderstood, I am done with the fear of not pleasing everyone, I am done with the fear of not being in control of my own life. This life is mine, your life is yours. Claim it, own it, take responsibility for it. Take responsibility for what impacts you and what doesn’t. This is all you have and you don’t have to let ANYTHING get you down or put your spirit in a place of fear. When it creeps up just tell yourself “Fuck fear” step up to the plate and own what is yours, rebuke what doesn’t belong, embrace what you love and believe what you want is already yours. #fuckfear #sorrynotsorry #iamdoneplaying #thisismine #ifearnothing #thisismylife #claimwhatisyours #rebuketheenemy #empoweryourself #loveyourself #inspire #dream #manifest #bewhatyouare

I hate to be this guy, but happy Sunday. #breakfast #basecamp #yummy #sundayfunday #getinmybelly

I saw this yesterday while running errands. I don’t know exactly what it means but I took it to mean that - When you see your moment, claim it. Don’t just dream of the life you want, actually go out and live it. Recognize when it is your time to shine and be everything that you ever dreamed. This may be your moment, don’t miss it. #itisyourtimetoshine #findinspiration #createinspiration #beinspiration #signsallaround #itistimetobloom #bloomwhereyouareplanted #losangeles #streetart

I can’t tell you how many mornings I wake up and I am overwhelmed with the feeling of depression and the fake concept of failure. Sometimes it is just hard to get up and face the day, let alone be productive, happy and encouraged to work hard. Sometimes the past haunts you, sometimes the future scares you but both of those ideas are irrelevant because all you have is here and now. I don’t know where you are or what you are facing, but I have been to complete rock bottom before and it ain’t pretty. What I learned though was that there is always hope, there is always something to look forward to, work toward and dream about. Your future will be whatever you work for it to be. But that starts here in this moment, having the courage to face all of your imperfections, fears, regrets pain and excuses and say “screw you, I’m going to kick some ass.” I’m not saying it’s easy, but it is simply a choice to get up and fight. If I can do it, so can you. You are worth the fight, you are worth the smile, you are worth the moment it takes to say “this is my life and I take responsibility for it.” I believe in you! Get up, go out, dream big and kick some ass! #dreambig #kickass #screwdepression #youarebigger #youarebetter #claimyourmoment #inspire #staystrong #fighthard #havefun #belove #bekind #overcome #transform

Incense smoke, coffee steam and outside fog....what a way to start the day. #coffee #morningbrew #steam #incense #meditation #peace #clarity #startyourday #fog #coldweather

I try not to be too “religious” on social media but I do express my faith, my spirituality and my beliefs. After I watched this sermon I really felt like it was something that I needed to share. No matter what you believe or if you like to participate in church or not, THIS is filled with words of wisdom and healing. To be completely transparent, “sexual wholeness” has been a deep struggle of mine in life. From being sexually abused as a kid, to dealing with much sexual harassment in my young teens, to being the pawn of people’s attention as a young man in my middle to older teen years while working in the entertainment industry to using sex in my early adult life to act out because of my past traumatic experiences. I felt empty and alone in so many ways for years and sex was something that made me feel wanted, attractive, important and not alone but only for a temporary moment in time. This part of me, this pain in me, this confusion and acting out for me brought great trouble and even more pain into my life life. The sexual part was rarely something I even wanted, but it was something I would use to get the attention and love that I so deeply craved. But with every person you give yourself to, no matter who they are, you give a part of yourself away, you give a piece of your soul and a piece of your intimacy away. I truly believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and when we don’t treat our bodies as the holy place they are, things physically, mentally and spiritually become very distorted. My story is just 1 of millions. We are living in a society FILLED with sexual addiction, sexual abuse, sexual confusion, and sexual judgement. There is no need to hide what you struggle with, or be ashamed of your experiences. But it is possible to have a better, healthier future. What you do in the physical world will manifest in the inside of your spirit and what you manifest in your spirit will spring forth into the physical world. So guard your heart, protect what is yours and love yourself enough to be whole. No matter where you are or what you believe check out this sermon on sexual wholeness. #toureroberts #pottershouse #metoo #sexualhealing

Here is me trying to be transparent.... Many people have ask about my book "Let go my soul." Where it is, when it can be purchased etc. Some of that is my fault because I pushed the process more quickly then I should have. I thought it was all ready and done and then I ran into some obstacles with the business side of publishing. That made me feel discouraged and like a failure. All of the lessons I learned and all of the things this book is about I just threw out the window because I was so determined to say "look here is this book I wrote at 23." Well, when I ran into those obstacles I didn't know what was next with it, I felt restless, frustrated, angry and just completely as if I failed. After a few months went by, I realized there was still a lot I was learning and had to learn on the very subject of the book. So, I put it to the side for months and months until my heart was ready to dive back in with more humility, honesty and openness to learn then I had previously. I really thought I had gotten all of the juice out of that subject in my life. But oh, let me tell you, there is a lot more. I want it to be the most beneficial experience for the reader to learn and grow in their own personal and spiritual life. That is my main objective. Good things take time, and I am now ok with that. So, to answer everyone's questions...it's coming. Idk when exactly, but within the next couple of years. Even after I am done writing, publishing takes a long time. So, I am delving back in a little for the first time. Seeing how God can use my experiences to bless other people's lives. It's coming for sure. But until then, I am learning to trust the process, love where I am, be happy taking my time, not expecting myself to be perfect, and learning to let go. 😊#letgomysoul #learntoletgo #writingabook #author #itsaprocess #trustyourjourney #learnmore #letgo #tellthestory #transparent #honest #writerlife #inspiration #inspirationalbooks #selfgrowth #personaldevelopment #purposefilled #staytuned #muchlove

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