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This is the face of a hard working dude who just slept from 1pm yesterday until 10am today because he hadn't slept for the last week because of work. Now, I have to get up for another audition and then filming again tonight. Wish me luck, pray for me, and send me spiritual Red Bull's through the air. Lol #workhard #actorlife #itaintglamorous #hollywood #tryingmybest #sleep #knockout #getupagain #letsdoit #wishmeluck #acting #writing #auditions #neversleepagain

"I'm way too good at goodbyes" that song should be my theme music...#sentimental #deepinthought #ilovesunsets #nofilter #imwaytoogoodatgoodbyes

- I grew up in an extremely abusive home, but that is not my story. - I was molested as a kid, but that is not my story. - I was bullied and made fun of, but that is not my story. - I became depressed and suicidal in my youth, but that is not my story. - I gave up my dreams for other people, but that is not my story. - I slept around a lot because of my insecurities, but that is not my story. - I have been manipulated, lied to, stolen from and deeply hurt by some of my best friends, but that is not my story. - I have made careless, irresponsible choices, but that is not my story. - I have almost lost my life a couple of times, but that is not my story. - I have have been to a place in life where I had absolutely nothing and no one, but that is not my story. - In my 24 years, I have seen and experienced more dark places than I can even express. But that is not my story. - - None of those things have defined who I am. You see, we all will face hardships in life. We all will go through dark seasons. Let the light that is inside of you always shine twice as bright as the darkness that you are in. Who you are in your heart of hearts in so much more important and powerful than anything that you come up against. - I'm not perfect, but this IS my story. - I am strong, I am honest, I am kind, I always have good intentions for others, I choose to overcome any obstacle I face. I am now, intentional about my life and the people in it. I feel and see God all around me and I strive to be more like him everyday. I believe in humanity SO much! I love fiercely, I walk boldly yet with humility. I am always looking to help. I follow the peace and I pursue my purpose. Don't sit in the past anymore. Don't sit in your self doubt anymore. It's over, it's done and it is not who you are. - THAT is my story. What is yours? #whatisyourstory #motivation #inspiring #overcome #youareunlimited #hope #honesty #sunsets #tellyourstory #publicspeaker #overcomer

The life path I have chosen and been called on has never been the most easy, but it has certainly always been an adventure. I have faced some massive hardships, failures, heartbreak, loss, confusion and pain. No matter how hard the road in front of me was, I always knew in my heart of hearts that there was a greater purpose. I have seen some crazy miracles happen, I have met people exactly when I know I was meant to meet them and I have had opportunities and dreams placed right in front of me that were always a promise in my heart but seemed too far away. As hard and challenging and confusing and expensive of a city as LA is....Despite everything, I have always been pulled back here even when I did not plan it. I have always had peace being here. I feel blessed to do what I love, pursue my dreams, live in the cool, crazy city, meet even crazier people and hopefully in the long run make a lasting difference in the lives of those I meet. Anyway, no matter where you are in your journey, trust the process. Trust the call of your heart. Follow the thing that brings you the most peace, even if it doesn't make the most sense because THAT is where you will find the gateway to your purpose. #losangles #hollywood #hollywoodactor #inspirationalquotes #inspirationalposts #author #riseup #followthepeace #trusttheprocess #crazycity #dreambig #nature #beauty #publicspeaker #trust #hope #love #purpose

Some of you may know that I am about a mile from the Burbank fires. It rarely rains here in LA, but yesterday it did. Not as much as we would have liked but it certainly helped. When it started raining yesterday it reminded me of the grace of God. We are not promised a perfect or easy life. We were never promised that we wouldn't have to face the fires...that's life, it happens. But there is something so beautiful and profound in the rare rain happening just when you need it. If nothing else, it is a reminder for your life and mine that there is still hope for our lives to be showered with goodness in the middle of great tragedy. #burbankfire #rain #raininspiration #god #miracle #beblessd #stillhope

Nothing better than spending your Sunday, drinking your first pumpkin iced coffee of fall, that you drive 20 minutes to get and working on a new pilot. #dunkindonuts #duncandonuts #getit
#thatsmyname #pilot #netflix #writer #workinghard #create #speaktruth #newscript #excitingstuff #coffeemakesmehappy #imabetterperson #nomorehastags #imdone #promise

If you want a great book to read about healing some old wounds so you can make a better future, check this out. It's a great one. #homecoming #innerchild #healyourself #itstime #checkitout #bookclub #selfgrowth #childhood #itwillbeok

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