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#day11 I am more than the mistakes I have made. I am more than the family I was born in to. I am more than the abuse I have experienced. I am more than the fears I carry. I am more than the doubt I experience. I am more than the abandonment of others. I am more than the love I lack. I am more than the pain I have caused. I am more than the judgements of others. I am more than anything that stands in between this moment and my highest form of self..... And so are you. #iammore #betransformed #overcome #90daychallenge #whatareyoulearning #perfectlyimperfect #shoottime #cameraready #malibu #actorlife #modeling #lactor #networker #reflect #takecharge #ownyourexperience #inspiration #speakyourtruth

One of the biggest things I am learning in life, is that no matter what you do, how nice you are, how talented you are, what you achieve, what you believe, what you try and do to help...no matter how “good” you are at anything there are ALWAYS going to be some people that don’t like you, judge you, or talk about you. So here is the deal... stop giving a crap about those people. Stop giving a crap about anything or anyone other than exactly what you want in your life and who you want to be. Be yourself so boldly and genuinely that those people and doubts just completely fade to oblivion in your universe. Love who you want, be who you want, achieve what you want, ask for what you want, do what ever you want and boldly stop giving a crap about your fears, doubts or other people’s judgements. Stop letting the fear of “possible” judgments from anyone influence the direction of your life and thoughts whether momentarily or permanently. This is YOUR damn life.. get exactly what you want from it. #goforit #cutthecrap #liveboldly #stopgivingadamn #dontgiveawayyourpower #thisisyourlife #malemodel #brandambassador #photoshoot #standstrong #laactor #speaktruth #ownyourlife #bebold #begenuine

#day10 I am back in LA, back on my 90 day challenge and ready to rock and roll. No matter what you face in life, life goes on. It keeps rocking and rolling until it’s over. Don’t allow yourself to get to wrapped up in the hardships of the world. Take the time you need but then overcome and move forward. This is the only life and day that you are promised..make the most of it, be thankful for it and live so fully that at the end of your days you can look back with extreme pride and gratitude and say “I did it. I lived my exactly the way I was supposed to.” What are you doing today that reflects the tomorrows you want to see?
Ps. Here is a beautiful Oklahoma sunset....they are the best. #oklahoma #home #attheendoftheday #wordsofwisdom #90daychallenge #backatit #gogetter #homeiswheretheheartis #beyourbestself #todayisit #bechanged

Just a moment in time with my favorite person. He will be so horribly missed but in the midst of grief today I felt these words spoken to me... “Gratitude heals a multitude of situations.” Despite the circumstances of my short trip home and the general complications of life...there is so much to be thankful for. I didn’t have the best childhood, but I had THE BEST grandfather. When I look at everything I have to be thankful for, it far outweighs anything I could possibly complain about. I am blessed with the best friends who have helped me while I was here, taken me around, loved on me and a over pouring of love from people in my life from all over the world. I am happy, I am healthy and I am carrying on bus legacy of love, wisdom and hope. I have so much to be thankful for and I can’t say it enough. Thank you to everyone for all of the love, prayers, phone calls, texts and messages. When I step back and look at it, I wouldn’t trade places with anyone in the world. 😉#changethestory #legacy #gratitudechangeseverything #iwouldnttradeitfortheworld #myhero #fathersdaygifts

I have kept silent the last couple of days trying to process it all and trying to plan going home to Oklahoma for a few days. On Monday night my Grandpa went home to be with Jesus.
This is by far the hardest loss I have had. This man was my saving grace growing up. He was so much more than my grandfather, he was the most wise, giving, respected and Godly man I have ever met. He was not only the closest thing I had to a father growing up, he was my best friend and ultimate hero.
I know many of my friends met him through the years because I was so proud to introduce him to everyone. And I know he was special to you all as well. He had no enemies, no fear and no regrets. He is the person that I wish everyone had the privilege of meeting. He shaped the very depth of who I am. Almost every good part of me I credit to him. I can’t put into words what this loss feels like, however I don’t want to focus on the loss but his words that I always carry with me. So, here are a few of his favorite words that I hope you will learn from as well. “The three most important things to learn to do in life is Give, forgive and overcome.” “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” “Always give me the truth and I’ll put a handle on it.” “When you really step back and look at your life, you realize that you wouldn’t trade it with anyone else.” This is barely touching on the amount of wisdom he carries. But I hope these words are something you will carry with you as well. So much love to you all.

#day8 Don’t judge anyone else’s hustle. I have no room or time for envy or jealousy in my life. What is on my path is mine and what is yours is yours. I will always be happy for other’s successes and do what I can for those I love to reach their highest potential.
That being said, I am also proud of what I do...so here are some shots from the Indie “Indignant” I was working on a couple of months back. #hustle #getonthatgame #isupportyou #mypath #yourpath #workhard #actorlife #careerman #itswhatido #actinglife #laactor #transform #bewhatyouwant #onset #90daychallenge #lifelessons #checkyourself

#day7 One of the biggest creations of depression is thinking about everything you still don’t have or the progress that you haven’t made. It is important to acknowledge what you have done and what you do have. But even bigger than that, it’s important to realize that life is about the joy and accomplishments in the now. It’s all about each step, not the whole staircase..... what can you be proud of and grateful for right now? #liveinthenow #depressednomore #freeyourself #bethankful #beintentional #bepresent #ibelieveinyou #youareloved #youareworthy #lovethyself #beherenow #humility #honesty #transparency #travelboy #naturedude #blacksand #getgrounded #sunrise #nofilter #godsgifttous

Day #5 It really doesn’t matter where you have been or what has happened when you have a clear vision and intention set on where you are going. (Out fit) - Shirt - @adidas denim cut off.
- Pants - Golden White zip jeans.
- Shoes - @hm runners.
#transform #knowyourdirection #keepmoving #90daychallenge #jointhemovement #staypositive #followthepeace #walkyourpath #millennialmission #speaker #motivation #inspiration #lamalemodel #fashion #actorslife #forgetyourfears #choosehappiness #iammyownman #modellife #brandsponser #takeachance #thisisyourmoment

#day4 -Tell me your biggest fear.... and then replace it with the truth.

Fear - “Being a failure, abandoned, unworthy and misunderstood.” My Truth - “I am bold and powerful, I can’t control anyone else, only myself and the way that I love. I am more than worthy of all the success that is out there waiting for me and those who care to listen will appreciate the message of my life, those who don’t...it wasn’t for them anyway.” Ps. Thanks @bleeckerandmercer for the shirt. Love it.
#90daytransformation #forgetyourfears #speakyourtruth #overcome #bebold #inspiring #open #behuman #connect #love #understanding #inspirstional #motivationalquotes #accoutability #beapartofthemovement #90days #reachout #transform #2018isit #bleecker&;mercer #fashion #influence #losangeles #actor #speaker #malemodel #lamalemodel #brandambassador #speaktruth

Day #1 When I was a little kid I was constantly made fun of by people, especially my father for being a little chubby. On top of that being constantly physically beaten and overpowered made me feel extremely weak and powerless. This made me stop eating for a period of time and I became extremely skinny, weak and grew taller which made me look even more skinny. Then I was made fun of for being too skinny and weak. Then I was sexually molested which made me extremely insecure about my body, appearance, sexuality, personality and just the very being of who I was. I slowly overcame some of those emotional traumas but physically never felt good enough and then in my adult years had some various health complications which prevented me from working out and made me depressed. I have gone through times where I have been in better shape and times where I haven’t been in good shape at all. This is where I am now. The reality is that I have had enough of feeling the way that I feel. When I used to look in the mirror all I would see was a weak, scared little boy. Finally my spirit started to transform and I realized more and more the man I was on the inside and that I was always strong for everyone, that I was an overcomer in the very core of who I am. I was strong, inspirational and powerful. I have started to realize that truth more and more internally but now I want my body to reflect and transform the way my soul continues to. So here is a picture to start my #90daytransformation I appreciate any and all support, encouragement and accountability. I am working on a lot internally and externally and I encourage you to join me to do the same. Much love! ❤️🤘🏼 #transform #enoughisenough #iamstrong #iamworthy #iamgreat #youareamazing #letsdoit #accoutability #90days #changeyourworld #iammyownhero

The volcano that I saw erupt a little last week and posted a picture of, has now erupted a lot more and killed 25 people so far. I was just there...please say a prayer for the people in Antigua Guatemala and the surrounding areas. It is a beautiful city with beautiful people and this is a horrible tragedy. #volcaniceruption #prayersforguatemala #antigua

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