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  Everything you heard about me is true. Twitter: MistressVixenn HollywoodDominatrix.c o m

It’s getting nippily, no?

☠️Join My secret society, skull & boners☠️ apply on my website

rare photo of me smiling on the inside 🙂

•READY TO SEE DITA’s Von Follies AT ROOSEVELT TN• spoiled rotten thanx to a good boy!

I’ve dealt w. a lot of ghouls n goblins this year in preparation for our upcoming Halloween party (lol)🤖🎃👽 ty @dekaylee_salemmassacre for the beautiful anal plug earrings! 👹🐀

i <3 Skuller & Moldy (as my fren @mars_valentine calls um) ✨ i’m on 1% physically after this tour. & I accidentally drank my own piss n spit the other night, so there’s that. #London & #NYC in a month

Lurking in the shadows, making my way out of the crawl space & into ur cities

✨terrorizing New York currently✨

👹My face & ass👹 anyways, Got any podcast recommends? I love sword & scale (murder) & savage love (sex). Would love some more to listen while traveling.

✨🌙miami tomorrow, I’m ready for some seedy, slimy, debauchery🌙✨ wearing @hos_leather my code is ‘vixen’ for discount 💐

In search of the cum dumpster to My dumpster baby🎻 ((a few of them))

🛋🥔*wearing custom @hos_leather harness 💕 support @hausofsky beautifully crafted brand, my code is ‘VIXEN’ for 15% off purchase*

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