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Duke Cannon Supply Co  Purveyor of superior-grade grooming goods, built for hardworking men. Made in the U.S.A. and benefitting U.S. Veterans. #NotForClowns

They don't call it the "Great Outdoors" for nothing. Virginia photographer and Duke Cannon fan Chris Johnson (@vintage_rva) recently took our Frontier soap collection to the majestic James River, pairing our soaps with the beautiful Virginia wilderness.

In 1974, Duke Cannon's marketing department sought to portray more of a "rough and tumble" image to sell the popular Cannon Balm Lip Balm.
Unable to afford Steve McQueen, however, they had to rely on Carl, John, and Rick from Shipping and Receiving to be the "edgy" new face of the Duke Cannon Brand. It was not a successful campaign.

Friend of Duke Cannon @trig_perez met up with us in Atlanta to try our new products and to stock up on his old favorites. As a full-time handyman and father of a two-year-old, he appreciates cleaning up with premium Duke Cannon soaps and balms. Whether the work is fixing a household appliance or maintaining an impressive beard, Trig gets the job done with Duke Cannon.

Use code at checkout for 15% off your order on DukeCannon.com. Free shipping automatically applies at a $35 spend. Offer expires Wednesday, Jul 18 at midnight CST or whenever we get a cease and desist letter.

Cannon Balm: Whether you're paving roads or captaining a pontoon this week, be sure to protect all parts of your mug. Cannon Balm 140 has SPF30 to protect your lips from the sun's rays, and it won't melt in your pocket.


DUKE CANNON SIGNS JOHN MALECKI (@john_malecki) AS THE BRAND’S OFFICIAL CRAFTSMAN — NFL player turned woodworker joins forces with men’s grooming product company.

We sincerely hope it never comes to this.

Save money on a plane ticket to Cairo and visit Memphis' Great American Pyramid. While it may lack the historical significance of the ones in Giza, it does feature air-conditioning and a Bass Pro Shop megastore. Or drive by a true Memphis institution: the manufacturing plant that once supplied Korean War troops with the soap that is the inspiration for our Big Ass Soaps.

Treat your face like you treat your beer and put it on ice. #itsbettercold

To commemorate the launch of our travel size stuff, we commissioned three of America's finest artists residing in our office to design keepsake postcards honoring great American cities connected to Duke Cannon.

Home to brands like Founders Brewing Co., Grand Rapids, Michigan, is affectionately known as Beer City, USA, but it is perhaps best known for being the location where Duke Cannon's grooming goods are warehoused. In fact, for the third straight year, it was voted "Best Smelling Warehouse" in the Midwest, per Yelp.

Duke Cannon's new Travel Size products can be ordered online (link in bio).

Happy birthday, #America. As a gift, we're giving you another year of domestic manufacturing. #4thofJuly

LeBron's signing clears the way for Duke Cannon Supply Co. to go after our #1 free agent priority: Vince Carter. We offer a starting role on our operations team, a compelling market-rate salary, and a nice package of amenities. Vince Carter, check out our custom pitch deck and come make Duke Cannon, Dunk Cannon.

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