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Chris Blasman 

If anyone needs a temporary home for their horses, or any farm animals. Please send me a DM. Happy to help. We have 5 stalls, two big pastures, and plenty of friends with horse properties up here in Los Olivos... Much Love ❤️

Here is my perspective.... I used to board horses at saddle rock ranch. They were all very accommodating. The excessive events and wine tours took away from the ranch feel, and that is their business, so that was that... I also own a wine company. @fourbrotherswineco And I believe the quality of your product should be what sells your wine... not exotic animals, but hey, wine is subjective... and to each their own. NOW HERE IS MY ISSUE. You had no evacuation plan in place! And this should have been done, the second you bought @a_giraffe_named_stanley and the rest of your exotic animals. If the Los Angeles Zoo can evacuate safely! Then you should find the means to do the same. Or DO NOT OWN THESE ANIMALS! Ask any horse or livestock owner. And they have a plan. So to everyone in @malibusafaris @malibuwines @malibuwinehikes @malibuwineandnaturetours @malibuwinesandbeergarden We are here to help you. It’s not too late to take the right precautions. It’s not too late to ask for help. You don’t need to hide or defend yourself. Your vineyards are burnt. Your barns are burnt, your fucking selfie tower is burnt. And still... we will help you. #malibu #woolseyfire

My heart is just breaking. I’m up north and feel completely helpless. This is my parents house. My brother @caseyblasman and friends stayed up until 4am putting out fires to save the house we grew up in. Close friends are loosing family run establishments. Homes, and businesses. Malibu has been pushed all the way to the last stretch of beach. I have been brought to tears hearing one tragic story after the next. I wish there was more I could do!

All these shootings, and this voting, and more shootings, kinda got me thinking...... about my kids.

My little ones... this weather and these sunsets have been spectacular lately. We spent the whole day at the beach. Stayed until the sun went down. I think sometimes you don’t fully understand life until you truly see it through a pair of eyes that you care about more than your own. Thanks for a great day kiddo’s....

Kids, let me tell you about my friend @markmaggiori ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Another one I shoot with my 5d laying in the dirt! Now don’t ask me why I paint cowboys anymore!! Because there’s nothing else like that!!! 😂. Had fun with Splice adding my favorite soundtrack on it!! #oil #johnnygreenwood . @dukeblasman riding the range. #markmaggioriwesternpainting #arizonacowboy #behindthescene

If I ride any faster, I’ll dis-appear completely...

My annual end of summer single ski photo...... say that 10 times fast... 📸: @kyleblasman

Any requests? Fun little shoot with @sunfolk and @westmajor clothing. Love spending time in Ojai. #ojai #ojairanchoinn

This is October in California... Sometimes being a loner ain’t so bad...

Completely mesmerized by the scenery here in Arizona.... The adventures and hospitality have been second to none... here’s the boys taking a second to sit down between shots. @markmaggiori @oconnor_clan @teamroper409 @lakotabeauellis @arielle_oconnor @slperlin

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