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Dwayne Richardson Jr  @BelieveHats Owner | Pro Hooper ✈️ 🏀🇦🇫🇧🇪🇦🇮 | RVA


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Won by 40 Sunday... got some big news coming soon this week too 🙌🏽🏀✈️

Day 365 ❤️... even though it's not really 365 because we break up every 3 weeks but whatever 😂🙃🙂

lil nigga but I'm lion hearted 🦁 ❤️🏀 @Isaiahthomas

snapchat: duhwayne


@isaiahthomas 🔥🤘🏽

First pro game tomm 🔥🤘🏽 (got canceled last week)

How will I start by giving back? Check the next post .. @believehats www.believehatsco.com

What is believe? Part 1. @believehats www.believehatsco.com