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  moved to @chqnle <3

hiya !! im moving accounts to @chqnle so if you wanna continue seeing my edits follow me there !! thank you somuch for all the love and support on this account but ive been using it for over a year nd i needed a fresh start.
@ mutuals i refollowed all of yall but dont feel obligated to follow if u dont wanna HSJAJS
ily all sm <3 byebye

can you believe twice invented homosexuality (2018)

wats ur bbm pin xx
for miss @dadzaoi ur manz
this is somessy goodbye

soft hours [CLOSED.]
for an ... di @oufleur | ac ahkari
#gumihogrp #guanxigrp

is ur girl a bad b? does she just have jungwooitis?
ac daemure | for fat n nao <3

she’s died
collab w the amazing @ex.taetoile
ac ahkari

welcome to my page!! i wanna marry zhong chenle!!!

they call me ... taetens whore
dt @dadzaoi
transitions ib ex.taetoile !!

jeno: jaemin have u seen my underwear?
jaemin: no
jeno: ... do u want to
- for nic, alex n naomi <3

for miss @ultyan we love a wholesome ship
my audio!! ib lovyongs
this edit is rlly Not my best im sorry


its the 24th here but happy birthday renjun ! u old as fuck bro
rm ikuyachan

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