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Mari Gutierrez  Entre Aventuras. Entre Sueños. Entre Amor.

#Georgia’s 'Little Grand Canyon' "Historical accounts indicate that the canyon began forming in the early 1800s as the result of poor soil-management practices. Native forest cover had been cleared so the land could be farmed, and early-nineteenth-century farmers in this region took no measures to avoid soil erosion. Small gullies formed and rapidly grew deeper and more extensive. By 1850 ditches three to five feet deep had been cut into the land, further concentrating runoff and increasing the rate of erosion."

"The construction of the #PacificCoastHighway provided the means for reaching these fine sights and many others despite some time delays due to coastal weather, landslides and engineering obstacles. The initial $1.5 million estimate to build #HighwayOne became $10 million nineteen years later, but it remains a historian's and tourist's dream."
#California #talesandtrails

"As early as 1885, three Hawaiian princes visiting #SantaCruz, #California from a military academy in San Mateo were reported to have ridden waves at the San Lorenzo Rivermouth on boards shaped from local redwood."
#SurfCityUSA #talesandtrails

TOMORROW #WorldRefugeeDay >>>>> Come and listen to the stories of countries facing major #refugee crises that are under-represented in our mainstream media. The recent refugee crisis in the Arab world and Europe has taken the spotlight off sub-Saharan Africa. But a new report by UNHCR reveals that the situation in #Africa in 2015 was also grim:

#Somalia: 1,123,000 refugees; 1,133,000 internally displaced
#Nigeria: 168,000 refugees; 2,173,000 internally displaced
#Congo: 541,000 refugees; 1,555,000 internally displaced

#refugeeswelcome #NoBanNoWall #iWelcome #AmnestyAtlanta #AmnestyInternational #WomenWatchAfrika #SagalRadio

'One recent report estimated that #Miami has the most to lose in terms of financial assets of any #CoastalCity in the world, just above Guangzhou, China and New York City. This 120-mile corridor running up the coast from Homestead to Jupiter – taking in major cities like Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach – is the eighth most populous metropolitan area in the US. It’s also booming. In 2015, the US Census Bureau found that the population of all three counties here was growing – along with the rest of Florida – at around 8%, roughly twice the pace of the US average. Recent studies have shown that Florida has more residents at risk from #ClimateChange than any other US state.' #cranesinthesky #ActOnClimate #talesandtrails

'The first known people to inhabit #BigCanoe were the Paleo Indians as many as 15,000 years ago. What is Big Canoe as we know it today was once referred to by Native Americans as “The Enchanted Land”. Something magical about this part of the North #Georgia Mountains has attracted people to it for Centuries. ' #talesandtrails #SmalleyEverAfter #GeorgiaLakes

'The #SouthernLiveOak (Quercus Virginiana) is the most iconic tree of #Savannah, #Georgia. The evergreen Live Oaks with their drooping, curvaceous branches, draped in #SpanishMoss create the most atmospheric Southern quality to Savannah’s streets and public squares.' #talesandtrails

Love stories, sky high. #tellmeallthethings #talesandtrails #electric ⚡⚡⚡#myladies

'Inspired by the spirit of #MahaliaJackson and the #EurekaBrassBand back in 1970, the #NewOrleansJazzFestival continues to celebrate #Louisiana with the combined fervor of a gospel hymn and the joy of a jazz parade.'⚡#talesandtrails 🚲#getawaybikeweekend

The first #100Days, 1361 more to go. #Resist #ClimateMarch #PCM2017

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