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i need to find a new filter so i can start posting again

— 3.25
their EYES 😍
also sorry for not posting ive had a super stressful week :/
q: favorite couple from any tv show?

— 7.09
this is one of my favorite episodes hahaha it has so many funny moments
q: mallie or mertina

— 4.01
q: thanksgiving or halloween?

— 4.04
i will always love cristina
q: season 3 or 4?

— 4.03
i loved this patient and izzie's relationship hahahha
q: bring back izzie or cristina

— 8.15
they would have made an amazing neuro team 😥
q: lexie or amelia

— 14.08
SPOILERS !!!!!! ..... paul has the fucking audacity ??? im so nauseous and scared for her poor baby i cant wait until jan 18th

— 12.10
literally the strongest person ever don't tell me otherwise
q: ellis or thatcher?

— 5.07
mark looks gorgeous in this I mean he always does but dAMN
q: mark or cristina?

— 14.07
by FAR my favorite episode of the season and this was one of my favorite scenes I was laughing so hard bc it was so something Cristina would say lmaoo

— 2.01
ok so i don't ship izzex anymore but alex talking about izzie in the last ep was really amazing 🤧
q: izzie or george

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