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Daniel A  “A thousand people cannot convince one by words to the extent that one can convince thousands by action” Entheogen Temple Support 👇🌎🍄🕌

It amazes me how I came to see the world in a matter of 5 minutes. 30 seconds into the abyss and I was propelled into a self constructing organism of molecular beams of light. This light reflected matter, and within it was a kaleidoscope of the multiverse within the atoms that were dissolving the space time's perception of ordinary realities. The boundaries were of no longer any importance when these structures had seized to exist. They became recreated of another form of matter. It does not add up to par if one were to analyze the situation with a comprehensive assessment of how did this ever occur to concur with a rational response. It is a conundrum. If you were to piece by piece the puzzle, you would be in an imaginative state for the rest of your days. You are not to hypothesize this analogy I wish to explain. Do not be a consumer of the madness. Only try to understand what the philosophy is showing you. When this form of subjective stages of information is being projected to a rhythmic and or even manual form of data being processed directly in this stage, you are only left to question, while in tears you wonder how is this possible. You seem to be at the most profound stage of your life. It is not any singularity of conscious levels. It is a past glimpse of simple adaptation. Your brain has a memory chip with a bunch of junk from this irrational and disorganized culture destructive society, trans-humanized from a disrespect of a deceitful value system. The brain still has the same microorganisms that came with a firewall and can backtrack to the source it was able to defend from an attack. You are still safe to move on to the depths of reality we see not in the eyes of what is to believe. Feelings of the space is only but a distance to the mind which we fear won't make it to grasp and perceive. Everything in the universe is closer than we think. If you're able to project to the astral within, you may already know what it means to feel what is real in the field.

Blue Dragonfly 🌎

This is skateboarding.. To all these “Skater Pages”, STOP RUINING SKATEBOARDING FOR SOME LIKES FROM THESE DEHYDRATED INDIVIDUALS. Real/legit skaters are tired of the bullshit. I want to watch good skate videos on my feed without the fake shit.. I know one of you guys are smart, please make a difference in the skate community on instagram. There are many respected women that skate, and it’s safe to say even more than men. But remember respect is only given when respect is due.. Respect your skateboard and the community. Stop feeding everyone garbage, it is not necessary and it is creating false identities.. You are insisting people to be posers and only look for fame. You don’t need to show off your body when you’re skating, because if you’re good at skateboarding you will receive honest recognition 💯

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Today I went to the Zoroastrian Temple 🕌

If you don’t know who Zoroaster is your history class failed you. Ever wonder how these prophets made a religion or connected to God more than others? They were taking psychedelics. Zoroaster found the religion from actually taking “Haoma”. The Indians were taking “Soma” and they are cognate to each other. The Persians that left to India are Parsis. Without Zoroaster you would not have Christianity or Islam. Zoroaster was a Persian prophet. The Magi’s are Persian priests that chose Jesus. Zoroastrians believe in three savior figures. Cyrus the King of “Persia” was considered the Messiah by the Jewish people. All the main religions were heavily influenced by this religion. Look it up.. Freddie Mercury, before he passed, God bless,, was the main singer for the band “Queen”. He is a Parsi Zoroastrian. 🙏

Rp* by @andervm1 - Meditation is a practice of purposely and non judgmentally paying attention to the present moment. It’s about bringing your mind to the experience, making a connection with reality. Slow the fuck down and enjoy the moment. Stop rushing to the gratification. Use controlled deep breaths. Take your time examining the details of reality. The small simple things are what life’s about. Enjoy them and you will find peace. Read this again but slower.

Don’t embarrass yourself 😂😂😂

Tell me more about how you justify your drug use.. Elaborate some more and provide your insight on your comparison of “legitimate” narcotic drugs compared to “psychedelics”.. Peace be upon you.

“Philosophy to Believe”
You wouldn’t imagine what God would be if you couldn’t perceive the acceptance of a belief. Dream for it to be but only seen to put one to sleep. Visions may collide but a fight to deny what is clear to the eye will never be a reason for the truth which may arise. Provided good intentions to stick to what is right will surely lead to the pride one would hope to arrive. Clear to the mind if the heart couldn’t deprive is the spirit of one too kind. What is the meaning to enlight if the book doesn’t sound right? The divine wouldn’t lie what the holy one may find if the scriptures bring out what is but a crime. True benevolence knows justice for that knowledge is supplied to order what is to be revised. Thoughts correlate to rationalize a simple provision readily available to simplify. Clarity is a factor most are easily acted to decline, so it doest seem too fine if its a crime. A sense more to the wise who are true to improvise what is the meaning of life. It’s a gift that is syncretic in its own philosophy. -Daniel A.

Save yourself.. Because not one person is going to do it for you.. To anyone that is really suffering I pray you make it in life.

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