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Ducky Carlisle  this is an unofficial insta account started by Bleu for Ducky, because he is too lazy to make one himself - i will exclusively post awful pix of him

#holyguacamole "i've wanted to wash the bottom of my car for a while"

i call her - my pink lady (and i knoW how to make her tALk) credit @kasper_kasper #nofilternecessary #icestationzebra

i am greAt at sOciaL mEdiA and aLL things hiP and curRent !!!!!! #muthafukah #icestationzebra

i am a chinese lady-boy who is just now acknowledging the shortest trend ever #MyIdol #IsThatLikeAmericanIdolForChinesePeople? #INSTAGRAMPA #iDontEvenKnowBleuIsPostingThis

the dreamiest

@bleutopia always says i'm a huge flamer

thanksgiving flaming drinks in chinatown

we should not be allowed to hang out

ah-fuka me??

check out my 'uge package!

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