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Ducktales Zine  Melbourne City.

@saltevonni | Ollie Up, BS Noseblunt Pop Out to forwards. Featured in @hangupmagazine

@adelaidenorris Kickflip from the bump. Been working with Adelaide on some cool shit which you’ll be able to see soonish. One of the dopest female skaters in the country. You got this shit girl 👊🏻

Few point and shoot images from London last year. See ya again soon. 🤙🏼

@passionisfordinosaurs whippin at Republique. Featured on the pages of ducktales Issue 8.

Apologies for the lack of new shit on the web store! I’ve been lagging on it. Anyway, I’ve finally had a chance to chuck @pushperiodical Issue 10 online! Chief photographer Richard Hart went out to Paris with a bunch of the WKND crew and came back with a banging article featuring the stylish movements of Alex Schmidt, Salomon Cardenas Jr, Trevor Thompson, Logan Taylor, Austyn Gillette, Jordan Taylor and Taylor Curuso then closely followed by a bunch of throwback imagery from the Cliche Asia Tour from 2002/03 with photos of a long haired Pontus Alv, a baby faced Lucas Puig plus more. An ode to the legendary late 80's/early 90's RAD (Read And Destroy) magazine is the main feature of issue 10 which features some dope photos of Salman Agah, Mark Gonzales, Alex Moul and a youthful Tom Penny. Click the link in my bio to cop it. Big ups Richard.

@the4skateco Umbrella Series in stores now. Go cop em. Only $89.95... why the fuck not...

@pmun1 Ollie

Few point n shoot images from LOVE park back in 2013.

@wavytrillbaby Barcelona 2017 ➡️➡️➡️➡️ @buttergoods

@mikearnoldeluxe Barcelona 2017

@leather.bed.sheets post huck.

In the Winter of 2017, on quiet day working at the Skate shop, I was greeted by a scruffy, curly haired ex professional skateboarder by the name of Steve. On first impression I totally thought he was just another random skate shop shit talker but as he presented to me his new "Conscious Rap" album under the alias "Crazy Monk" I realised it was THE STEVE OLSEN. Yes! The Shorty's Steve Olsen! I was star struck and immediately purchased 5 copies of his album on the condition that he signed each copy. I have now put them up for sale on if ya wanna check out his music. Just selling em for cost price. ☺️(Its in the DVD section or click the link in my bio).

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