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CADS  The Coalition Against Duck Shooting's purpose is to permanently ban the recreational shooting of waterbirds in Australia. Follow 2 keep up to date.

Our native waterbirds should be protected. Not shot and killed.
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It was almost one year ago today that Coalition Against Duck Shooting rescue teams found a pelican whose body was riddled with pellets – another life carelessly taken by duck shooters. Today, instead we saw pelicans like this ... enjoying their peaceful, calm and serene wetland home together. And thankfully, there wasn’t a shooter in sight.

Not only is duck shooting unpopular with the public, it’s a dying sport among shooters – with numbers significantly decreasing since we started campaigning to end it. It’s time to put it in the bin for good. #BanDuckShooting

We're stopping at nothing to remind @victorianlabor of their duty to protect native waterbirds. #BanDuckShooting

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Two of our brave rescuers cradle the warm, but lifeless bodies of native water birds in their hands. If there’s one thing that’s worse than knowing you found a victim too late – it’s knowing that this heart wrenching cruelty is government sanctioned. Help us stop it: #BanDuckShooting

We love this quote by the Coalition Against Duck Shooting's very own Campaign Director, Laurie Levy. Like and share if you agree!

Please sign our petition telling the Victorian Labor Party that cruelty to our native waterbirds is NOT okay: (link is in our bio) #CADS #DuckRescue


The duck shooting season opened in Tasmania this morning, and ABC News has reported that a shooter has pointed their gun at a rescuers chest – after she allegedly kayaked too close to his hide.

The rescuer has made a statement to Bicheno Police and Tasmania Police have stated that the matter is now being investigated. Read the full article here:

While this behaviour is shocking, it is certainly not surprising. Many of our rescuers have been threatened and assaulted in the past while peacefully rescuing ducks on the wetlands. The photo below is just one of those times (it should be noted that this image is not from this morning). This event is yet another example of why duck shooting must be banned in Victoria, and every other state where it exists. If this is how shooters are treating fellow humans, can we really expect them to treat our native waterbirds with any respect?

Sign our petition to end duck shooting here:

Photo: In another incident, a shooter points his gun at a rescuer at McDonald Swamp (2005). #CADS #DuckRescue

Yesterday, a great article went to print in The Bendigo Advertiser, where locals in duck shooting areas were speaking out against the cruel sport – saying they don't want it anywhere near their homes and for the sport to be banned all together. You can read it here:

We were not surprised to read that those coming forward did not want to be named out of fear for their safety, with some of them even being approached aggressively by duck shooters and having dead ducks shoved in their mailboxes in the past when they had spoken out against the 'sport'. The quote in the image below is from a distressed Cairn Curran Reservoir local.

This article was extremely important to show that even those in the towns where duck shooters travel to for the season don't want it there. They want their homes, families and their ducks to be safe. And we're with them.

Please sign our petition urging the Premier and Minister for Agriculture to act with compassion and ban duck shooting – just as many of their fellow Labor governments have done in other states: #DuckRescue #CADS

MORE THAN JUST A GAME BIRD: THE MOUNTAIN DUCK (Also known as the Australian Shelduck). The Mountain Duck is a large, brightly coloured duck with a small head and bill. They are easy to recognise with their upright stance and neck ring contrasting with their dark head. They prefer to live in fresh waters and are found mainly in the south western and south eastern parts of Australia.

Mountain ducks will make a nest well lined with down, usually in three hollows but they have been known to nest in rabbit burrows! The male will defend and guard the nest tirelessly while the female incubates the eggs.

They are monogamous birds and are known to create permanent pair-bonds. Sadly, many of which are broken during the duck shooting season as Mountain Ducks can be legally shot in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

Help us change that and sign our petition to end duck shooting: #DuckRescue #CADS

We are now just over 2 weeks away from the commencement of the 2015 Victorian duck shooting season, and with more and more people paying attention to this important issue – we wanted to highlight just how truly special ducks are. Each and every 'game bird' is unique and has it's own special qualities. So we bring to you: MORE THAN JUST A GAME BIRD.

Hardheads, also known as the ‘White Eye Duck’ are the only true diving ducks in Australia. They feed by diving deeply and can swim up to 40m in one dive, sometimes staying underwater for up to and even over a minute!

Hardheads have declined in some areas after draining of freshwater wetlands or diversion of water for irrigation. Duck shooting of course decreases their numbers, and sadly they are legal to hunt in Victoria, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

If you want hardheads and all ducks to be safe, sign our petition urging the Premier and Agriculture Minister to ban duck shooting – just as their fellow Labor Governments have done in other states: #DuckRescue #CADS

Did you know that at least 1 in every 4 birds targeted while duck shooting become wounded, and not killed? Shotguns spray hundreds of small pellets, resulting in ducks with fractured or broken legs, or legs shot off entirely, shattered bills, splintered wings, pellets through eyes and gunshot lodged in organs, muscles and tendons. So often these birds are not collected by the hunters who shot them and are left to suffer for days, even weeks on end while slowly dying.

If you think our ducks deserve better, then sign our petition and share it with your friends: #DuckRescue #CADS

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