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You know what sucks? When you meet somebody and you get to talking about entrepreneurship later to find out they are about of network marketing(pyramid scheme). Here is a tip if they are being vague about the entrepreneurial opportunity it’s most likely a MLM. I want to be an entrepreneur but not that way.
#multilevelmarketing #networkmarketing #stayaway #entrepreneur

I feel like my wheels are spinning and yet I’m going nowhere.
#failure #stuck #whatdoyouthink #whatcanisay

Money oh Money I wish I had you
Money of Money all the things I could do
#poetry #broke #money #sidehustle

You are not weary
The mind quits before the body
Break self made limits

#limitless #dailyhaiku #dontstop #haiku

I’m beginning to think that the reason I am not getting anywhere with my job search is because I know deep down I don’t want those jobs. But I’m afraid I will not succeed at what I really want to do with my life.
#justhinking #jobsearch #findingmyself #stressedout

Why do I stay here?
I always feel stuck in life
I must strive to thrive

#haiku #dailyhaiku #feelinglost #getunstuck #keepmovingforward

It can be disheartening to keep applying to jobs and get no results. But I won’t stop networking and applying because I will find my DREAM JOB!!!
#hatemyjob #justkeepswimming #findinganewjob #dreamjob #dreamchasers

Steal Like an Artist by @austinkleon is one of my favorite books. I loved it so much I even got the journal. I am always challenging myself to be more creative and this perfect for that!! I’m not going to lie I have struggled to do exercises everyday. But I’m taking this everywhere with me now.
#steallikeanartist #austinkleon #creative #creativeentrepreneur #creativity

I got these Nutravol hair vitamins for free at City Point in Downtown Brooklyn. I am a little skeptical of hair vitamins. I have tried all of the major vitamins and never saw a noticeable difference in growth. Regular price is $88 per bottle. I am still going to try them because they were free but I doubt I will be purchasing them. The lady at the Nutrafol stand said I may see in a difference in shedding the first month. But to see a difference in growth that would take about 3 months. Which is what all the hair vitamin companies say. I hope I don’t like them because I can’t afford them.
#nutrafol #hairgrowth #hairgrowthjourney #naturalhair #hairgrowthvitamins

I just got my Desire Map Planner!!! Yes I know it’s March but it is never to late to make changes. I hope I actually use this one I have way too many planners and journals.
#whatiwilldotofeelthewayiwanttofeel #daniellelaporte #journaling #planner #slay2018

Nothing like a Saturday morning run. Ok more like late morning and a run/walk. Nonetheless I feel accomplished and closer to my 5k goal.
#beginnerrunner #morningworkout #blackgirlsrun

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