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Dave Nardolilli  The Necronomicon EP is out now!!

Thank you @beyondwland. Last night was truly one of the best experiences I’ve had thus far in life. Let’s do it again soon ❤️ 📸: @jude_aotik

Well holy shit @beyondwland is tomorrow and I’m riddiming around the room in excitement. I’m particularly excited for this set and have put my soul into it. I’ve played a handful of festivals over the years but the majority of them are tag sets. Gonna shine tomorrow. Hope you guys are ready for the journey ❤️🤘🏽

Surprise suckas! We’re dropping these tomorrow at 3pm EST. Keep an eye out for the link as they’re limited edition and will hopefully sell like hot cakes 😂 @abovetheskyproductions

ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR FINAL JOURNEY??! Who’s been jamming the Blue 🅱️omber from myself and professional madman @dackjaniels ? It’s out now on the Necronomicon ep! Link in bio 🤘🏽⚰️#illdropyoulikeatonofbricks #neonphantomtour

The necronomicon EP is out now via @blacklabelnsd and it’s proven 100% effective in summoning the dead. Here it is now possessing the innocent riddim rats and turning them into ruthless animals. 🤘🏽⚰️

666. Pick up sticks. 7-8. Satan is great. 9-10. Not your run of the mill riddim again. The necronomicon is here. It is upon us. Sometimes you just need to write some evil shit. Hope you guys enjoy it. Don’t take it too seriously now. 🤘🏽

Action shot of me completely whooping Krubdon aka @kompanymusic in smash. (Warning some parts of this caption may be dramatized or fabricated) Louisville tonight! Bring on the beans 👌🏽 #neonphantomtour

3/18. Prepare to forfeit your souls


#samf im coming for ya with the extra saucy wonks 😁

Death is great. Hail Satan. 3/18 ⚰️

Back on the road with the Neon chodes! Tonight we are in Lincoln NE and we are ready and able to assist in destroying your souls. @dion_timmer @kompanymusic @afreefilms #neonphantomtour

Announcement postponed til tomorrow since Instagram died today but here’s my new hair thanks to @bambiihair and @drehair 😁🤘🏽

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