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Just Dub  Yea, that one guy. Founder LaxSeeds http://fromdub.com https://teespring.com/dub-justCause_2017 http://laxseeds.com

It's late... So my judgement is blurry. I've been asked before to make this. I even offered it before, sold 2... Me and Noah. Anyway, link in my bio. All proceeds will go toward the "broke ass dad fund" a well known, but under funded charity that benefits exactly one dude. #dubWear

I feel for @fogolax in wanting to protect player, but I'm sorry banning poles from facing off is not the answer. @whats_next_noah has been facing off with his long pole for 7-8 years and in that time I have never seen ANY pole hack with the intention of knocking someone out of the game. I HAVE seen face off guys use their heads as weapons, I HAVE seen short pole face off guys attack knees. Coaching solves this, better refing solves this. There are ways of limiting the impact of a long pole on the faceoff, teach those. #DoTheRightThing and coach the proper way. Banning poles from facing off is not the answer, and frankly is a stupid suggestion.

Saturday @berrymenslacrosse locked up 2nd place in their conf, and secured a bye in their conf tourney. They play Sunday... As his first college regular season has come to a close, I share with you a blast from the past. 3 years ago today a much skinner @whats_next_noah let loose this bit of magic. Missed the shot, but drew a penalty on the play... And "ran the jewels" for the camera. Pops was proud.

"I'm not the only soul who's accused of hit and run
Tire tracks all across your back
I can...I can see you had your fun"
an ole' B makes a return to the line up after spending a residency in Austin. Thanks to @smashtime_strings for looking after the little lady and giving me some great feedback. I decided to give her a new do in the form of new shooters. Shout out to @laxsmoke26 for this config. For me, this config works really well with thicker leathers, or pockets that are a little "tight" for lack of a better description. My previous shooter set up was 1 nylon and 3 lace shooters. And while had a nice smooth release - with the chunky #dubleathers the pocket didn't have the give, stretch and "flow" to allow nice hold. By changing the configuration and having fewer shooters, the pocket has more give - and allows it more freedom and movement while still giving it a nice release. Gonna have a little wall ball session with it later to truly test her out. Also, the #beef does take much longer to truly break in.

I had no way of knowing in 2002 that my life was about to hit not just a bump but a crater. Even today, I feel the pain of the loss. I don't even think at the TIME I realized how much of an impact that she had on my life. Her passing sent me on a six-month disconnect from all emotions and responsibilities. Full of whisky, Alizé, blue moon beer and muscle relaxers. Trying in vain to drive away the hurt. It certainly could have been worse - but I came out on the other side with an appreciation for the time I have left on this planet. I miss you Grandma.

Good second half.

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I had a few other things I wanted to say for this week's Food for Thought...But I need to get this one out there first. The Fallacy of Color Blindness undermines otherwise good hearts. It is not STUPIDITY, it is ignorance that breeds these statements. Which is ok, cuz you can't fix stupid - but you can educate ignorance. These types of phrases are part of the programming we all get (especially in the United States.) In addition to "I don't see color" - (and I'm paraphrasing Jane Elliot here) the other harmful one is "I don't care if you're black or brown or green with purple stripes; I'm going to treat you all the same." Have you ever seen someone that was green? So, this phrase is subtly grouping anything non-white with an alien. I have been told this is ridiculous and nit-picky. To which I respond you don't get to choose how another feels about your words or actions - DESPITE what is in your heart. Open your mind to WHY your words have that effect. Need more? Google Jane Elliott, and watch the Blue Eye/Brown Eye experiment. It is painful to watch. It is painful to know that you have unwillingly been part of the problem. The only way to start the process of change is to allow yourself to be vulnerable and educate yourself. And BY THE WAY - it isn't political correctness - it is called decency. #justCause #humanFirst ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

"Girl I'm just bein' honest But whatchu got in your pants
.Got the whole club like damn (Woo!) Booty big enough, booty big enough (Your booty, your booty) Your booty big enough to put a red cup on it (Yeah) Booty big enough, booty big enough (Your booty, your booty) Your booty big enough to put a red cup, cup, cup"

Couldn't pass this deal up. @powelllacrosse nomad handle, pioneer 2 head, string kit, and mesh for $75. I think I'm gonna string it straight away with no dye. I'm anxious to see how it ties up, and how the mesh is.

Tims. They should really put me on the payroll.

So THIS happened today at the Berry/Oglethorpe game. I've seen him do this before...but never hold on to it. Fricking crazy.
Great to see and chat with @comonlykyle and @brittneyhughes22 as well!
@berrymenslacrosse @whats_next_noah

Music is "Spanish Winter" By The Passion HiFi @passionhifi


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