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Abi Chaudhry 

My handsome ❤️🤩

Sci-Fly lips👄 @fentybeauty

Fenty is my guilty pleasure... ❤️ @fentybeauty

The right people will heal each other without even trying...

I’ve come so far, but still have a long way to go... This is a journey I have done on my own ❤️

@beyonce @queenkrst Sorry I stole your picture Emma 😂. I don’t know what to say myself, so I’ve copied what Emma had written. I know that celebrities must get this all the time but my girl needs to meet @beyonce I have never ever EVER seen someone love and adore some one so much as Emma loves @beyonce... ‘I know so many of you want to help. In a time like this the only thing I can see being ever so slightly possible is a chance to meet Beyonce. That’s a dream I’ve had since a little girl but always knew it would only ever be a dream. But thanks to you all, we might make this happen. So please, tweet who you can on twitter making sure you all use the same hashtags! Tweet anyone famous who can make wishes comes true, anyone who knows Beyonce, anyone, everyone!
#OurQueenBeesWish #EmmaDeservesToMeetBey
Tweet everyday! Every hour! I don’t know, maybe I’m getting carried away but I’m feeling so desperate. Maybe something more could come out of this? Make my story so public that the whole world has to listen! Maybe someone out there can help save me 🙏🏼 we can only hope 💖
Long live Queen Bee! 👑🐝’

#RAF100Years ❤️🇬🇧💙 Per Ardua Ad Astra ✨

#JurassicPark 🦕🏔🦖


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