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Du Blonde  🔪 Musician 🏀Artist 🍼Animator


Grandma Jeans circa 1938

Yesterday I dropped my toothbrush and deodorant down the toilet and ate butter that went out of date in 2016 things can only get better

My face when I pee 📸 @stellamalfilatre

I can finally dress myself and all the pus that should have been drained from my abdomen post surgery is now exiting out my bellybutton. Joy to the world

@andrew.renton with the 'Kim' illustration I did a while back. I love seeing how you guys choose to frame these so send me pictures ✌🏻

Super stoked to be playing @endoftheroad this year and to be able to bring new music to you all! It's been too long 🎉

Throwback to when I had an appendix

Throw back to two days ago when I finally got out of hospital after appendix surgery, complications and so many nurses not believing I was constipated that after five days without shitting I was forced to remove shit from my bowel with my own hand in an A&E room 👍🏻shoutout to @christinejeans @hoboglyph and @simonendoftheroad for getting me through this mess. Viva forever 🌝

When ur appendix explodes but ur bird is there to pre chew ya food 😍

Suggestions pls. I'm losing my mind being a hermit making a cel animation in the confines of my bedroom and exhausted all music/podcasts. What I really want is a good ol' audio book. Interesting and engaging but not scary or heavy cos I spent the last 5 days listening to stories about serial killers THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

goal for 2018 is become fluent in wingdings

not pro pro tip: if you have a cold, take an antihistamine and your nose will stop running and paste ur face with Nivea cream (like a face mask) at night and you'll wake up to no red nose and dewy baby skin 👼🏼

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