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Light of my life

Hey can we retire the whole 'female drummer/ female singer/ female bass player' thing already? It's as though people feel like, if you are anything other than a cis straight male, your gender, sexual preference, religion etc needs to be mentioned, like that might have some kind of bearing on how well you do your job. It's important for women, queer folk and POC to speak out about injustices in the industry and to speak of their experiences, but for every man and their grandad to preface another persons job title with their gender, religion or sexual preference etc (assumed or otherwise) is to reduce that capable, talented, unique person to a role in society in which you believe they belong.

With @ezrafurmanandthebfs at the Barbican 📷 @reev0

Backstage at @ezrafurmanandthebfs Barbican show on Thursday. Thank you to Ezra for wanting me to share a few songs with him. My first live outing in over a year and what a place to do it in. Couldn't have asked for a better comrade to face the music with. Eternally grateful for you, your music and your presence in my life ❤️

'Hey ButtClown! Get off my lawn!' In honour of @ezrafurmanandthebfs show at @barbicancentre this Thursday. Who's going?

At the beach

Self portrait, original painting, 2016. Up in the store right now 📦 link in bio


Welcome to the world


I started renting a desk space so I can finally spend all my time animating gifs of people blowing chunks

Today I was walking along the road eating a chicken skewer and some giant bug flew at me and fell on my shoulder so I tried to squash it with my chicken skewer and next thing I look up and realise it's fucking flying ant day. Totally my least favourite day of the year. So I got home and while I was cooking I read up on this whole ant thing and turns out they're just regular ants that figure out they have wings on this one day and go around trying to find other ants to screw which is kind of sweet

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