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Donna Thomas  Foul-mouthed yogi and personal development coach, part-time spazz. #comefromlove

Guess who just got accepted into grad school? #stoked #nextlevelshit #mybrainhurtsalready

Look for the miracles tomorrow. #spideysensesaretingling

Hey kids! Guess what day it is? It’s Sling Emancipation Day! Please feel free to celebrate responsibly with those you love. I know I will! #shoulderreplacement #arthritiswarrior #suckatkicking #thejourneycontinues

I finished applying to grad school today. Don’t know whether I’ll be accepted into the school of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. I made it this far. Whatever is supposed to happen will happen. I’m cool with that. #noattachment #bethechange #changeyourstory #comefromlove

Ugh. The worst. This is ugly when any gender does it but because I am a woman, I tolerate it less from my own tribe. Let’s get it together my friends. Be honest and compassionate but for the love of all things holy, say what you really fucking mean. This will save us all a ton of time and energy. #bearolemodel #leadbyexample #saywhatyoumean #dontmakemeguess

This sentiment reminds me to make choices based in love, not because I need to stay comfortable. Like a monkey swinging from a tree, I trust the next vine will be there. #trusttheprocess #trustyourself #comefromlove #faith

End of the weekend. Great time to rest and reflect. Here’s to a meaningful week ahead. #staywarm #weburnoldfurniture #repurpose #indoorbonfire #mezmerizing #itsthelittlethings

Had some answers come to me as I dreamed last night. Now it’s up to me to listen. #transition #listen #breathe #yogaheals #bescaredanddoitanyway

When you’re texting with a buddy and your response is a solid NOPE.

What’s it gonna take to stop doing this? Remember, you do not have to agree to do something immediately after being asked. Take a moment. Breathe, and then answer. You are under no obligation to do shit just because somebody wants you to {even in a work situation} You giving your time and energy to people and tasks is a generous gift. Give it to the humans and causes that feel right. Maybe this is one step closer to living a life of peace and freedom. #comefromlove #selfcare #iloveme

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