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David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust  The official account of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. To support our work saving Kenya's wildlife or to foster an orphaned elephant, visit:


Solio was a real challenge when she first arrived in our care. The six-month-old calf was obviously traumatized over the loss of her mother, who had succumbed to a shattered shoulder. She was so feisty, in fact, that the Keepers had to stay well out of her way for their own safety, but they still persevered, scratching her with a bottle brush attached to a long stick and feeding her milk through a hose pipe.

Their perseverance paid off, and with time Solio embraced her DSWT family. Seven years later, she is now fully reintegrated back into the wilderness of Nairobi National Park (although she periodically stops by the Nursery for a visit!). Given that there are just 5,500 black rhinos left in the wild, any success makes a big difference for the species — and we’re proud to have played a part in Solio’s story.

To learn more about Solio, visit:

Photo © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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The bonds that orphaned calves form with their Keepers last a lifetime. Many wild-living orphans have been known to visit us as adults, even after extended absences, for a catch-up with their human family!


Photo © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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When you’re 20 feet (6 meters) tall, stooping down for a drink is no small task!
The drought is still gripping many parts of Tsavo, which made the sight of this gangly giraffe quenching his thirst all the more welcome to our Aerial Surveillance Unit. Learn more about how our “eyes in the skies” protect Kenya’s wildlife during their patrols:

Photo © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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#tbt, 2009: Still pink behind the ears, a three-day-old Shukuru marches towards her rescue flight to the DSWT Nursery.

Shukuru was orphaned because of a man-made problem, but it’s also thanks to one man’s kindness that she is here today. After she fell into a manhole, a very compassionate herdsman heard her cries and rallied a few people nearby to help extract her. Many wanted to kill Shukuru, but the herdsman took a stand and led her to his home, where she remained under the watchful eye of his family while he went to report the calf’s plight. Little Shukuru was very trusting from the outset and followed anyone who took the lead — even the herdsman’s dogs! Her trust was well-founded; eight years down the road, she is thriving at our Ithumba Reintegration Unit and taking steps towards a life back in the wild.

Photo © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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Yatta is one of our proudest success stories. In 1999, when she was just one month old, her mother was killed for her ivory. After a group of workers heard the baby’s anguished bellowing, she was rescued and flown to the DSWT. 18 years later, Yatta is living a fully wild life and is the mother of two beautiful calves. This #DSWTTransformationTuesday, swipe through to see her how her family has grown!

Photo 1 | January 2012: Baby Yetu, Yatta’s first calf, came into this world amid much fanfare. Over fifty elephants appeared at our Ithumba stockades to celebrate her birth with trumpeting, rumbling, and trunk kisses.

Photo 2 | July 2016: Yatta is a natural nurturer (she leads her own group of wild-living orphans), so we weren’t at all surprised to find that she is a fantastic mother. We were equally delighted when we discovered that her family was about to get bigger; Yatta was expecting again!

Photo 3 | October 2017: After a 22-month pregnancy, Yatta gave birth to Yoyo on October 6. Again, she invited her extended human/elephant family to celebrate her new arrival and has been sticking close to our Ithumba stockades. Baby Yoyo is a beautiful little bull who is already a pro at mud bathing (under the watchful eye of his mum, sister, and nannies, of course!).

Yatta – and her growing family – is living proof of the ripple effect that saving one elephant can have. To help us give more orphaned elephants hope for a future and a family in the wild, donate today:

Photos © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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Ukame is blossoming into a lovely lady — a fact that she seems well aware of!
As her name (which is the Swahili word for drought) implies, Ukame was a victim of the brutal dry season. When we rescued her last October, the abandoned 2.5-year-old was severely emaciated and dehydrated. A year’s worth of TLC and specialist care at the DSWT has made a world of difference for Ukame, and we will support her every step of the way as she continues to work towards a life back in the wild.

To support Ukame as she takes her next steps, join her foster family. Click the link in our bio or visit:

Photo © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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Sudan is the world’s last remaining male Northern White Rhino — and last week, the brand new Mount Kenya Mobile Veterinary Unit had the privilege of giving him a helping hand.
The team was called in to treat several open wounds on the rhino that had not responded well to previous medical attention. Sudan was a star patient as they applied antibiotics and green clay, and his progress will continue to be monitored.
They may not know it, but the wild residents of Mount Kenya, Aberdares, and Southern Laikipia now have a team fully dedicated to their health and safety. We’re thrilled that the Mount Kenya Mobile Veterinary Unit, which is funded by the DSWT and operated in partnership with the KWS, is already off to such a great start and we look forward to many more success stories.

Photo © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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Maktao has become a bit of a menace during milk feeding times. Even after he’s had his fill (and then some) he’ll sneak over to the wheelbarrow to steal any leftovers!

To foster this clever little calf, click the link in our bio or visit:

Video © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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The DSWT orphans take a different approach to dining etiquette (namely, that stealing snacks from your friend’s mouth is perfectly polite!)


Photo © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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You might spot a few clear differences between this pair, but pals Zumzum and Pangani seem blissfully unaware of them!
Pangani’s mother was killed by bushmeat poachers, who then left the baby buffalo with a machete wound to her head. She is now fully healed and Zumzum’s favorite friend; the little vervet monkey, who was rescued from the exotic pet trade, can usually be found cuddled up with her.

These orphans – and many more – call Amu Ranch home. To learn more about this remarkable area, which is being conserved by our Saving Habitats project and the Lamu Conservation Trust, visit:

Photo © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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A message from our founder, Dame Daphne Sheldrick DBE:
“I would like to thank those thousands of friends and supporters who have reached out to me during this difficult year while I go through my breast cancer journey. I cannot over emphasize how much this has helped me during this challenging time.
I am presently in Tsavo feeling positive and growing stronger by the day. Your enormous support for me personally has been most humbling and hugely appreciated and one can never under estimate the powers of such positive energy! As you know Tsavo is my favorite place in the world, and where I am at Kaluku serves as the base for all our field projects, so I remain in the thick of things whilst being immersed in the natural world which I find incredibly healing.

We have recently been gifted by another wild born baby, Yoyo, a second for Yatta, another of our orphans living back in the wild, taking the number to 26 babies now born to our hand raised orphans. For me, seeing all these new babies born to our orphans that we have been able to save, nurture and raise from infancy themselves is most gratifying, especially as they always choose to share the joy of new births with us their human family.

Having lived long enough to be able to benefit from this full cycle of life, and when working with elephants one needs a life time to see the true success of our endeavors, given that their lives mirror our own, only serves to further endorse the success of the DSWT’s Orphans’ Project. I could never have imagined when I was 28 years old in Tsavo, involved in rescuing and raising our first orphaned elephants together with David, that over the course of my life time I would be in a position, along with our dedicated teams, to save well over 200 orphaned elephants and 16 black rhino.
Of course none of this would be possible without your tremendous support throughout the Trust’s 40 years which has enabled us to achieve so much not just for elephants, but for all wild species and the balanced ecosystems so crucial to their long term survival. Bless you all.”

Ithumba is celebrating another baby shower this weekend — Nasalot has given birth to a beautiful little bull!
As many of the wild-living orphans are wont to do, Nasalot promptly brought her newborn to our Ithumba stockades to meet her human-elephant family there. Everyone is very smitten with baby Nusu – whose name means “half” in Swahili, a nod to his half-pint size – and is equally thrilled to see the first-time mum doing so well.
Nasalot was orphaned 17 years ago, when ivory poachers killed her mother. We rescued the three-month-old calf, raised her at the DSWT, and when she was ready, helped her transition back to a life in the wild. Her baby makes us “grandparents” 27 times over (and then some; we can’t put a number on the wild-born babies who have been fathered by male orphans that we have raised).
Over the past 40 years, we have successfully rescued and raised over 200 orphaned elephants. By helping them return to a life in the wild, we also help Kenya’s elephant populations grow and thrive. Thank you to everyone who has played a part in that mission — and celebrate today, as you too have become grandparents once more!

Photo © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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