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d  Visual artist & designer. Creative & wild explorer. All pics can be print at Artflakes as I publish them! http://www.artflakes.com/en/shop/dsway


Screw it. Sip happens... cheers!

Deixei me enrolar na onda do mar, deixei me ir e vir, num búzio a sonhar. Deixei enrolar o cabelo ao ar e de dentro vieram me acordar, sons batendo à porta e cores escorrerendo pela janela fora... os dias passavam pelas noites quentes como se o verão não visse o outono chegar, e eu embalada pelo som do mar...esquecendo de voltar... desconhecendo o que era ou onde estava... fluindo no sal que me lavava, sem calor ou frio, deixei me sonhar... era um suor em forma de desejo, um silêncio colado aos lábios sussurrando uma história de encantar que só eu consegui escutar... Deixei me enrolar e não dei pelo tempo passar, deixei me levar bem até ao fundo do mar... deixei me perder e foi aí mesmo que te fui encontrar... um búzio, n'umbigo a sonhar comigo...

"When the winds of change blow, some build walls while others build windmills" this Chinese proverb keeps being blown and manifesting itself in me through random coincidences & synchronicity, meaningful inner & outer events connections and beautiful collaborations with human and also wild beings.
I wish to thank all the amazing beings who crossed my ways and made my days in the beautiful land of Boom throughout the three weeks I breathed, lived & created there. It was a humbling experience to meet you all, share times, smiles, hugs, dances and co-create a festival so filled with ♥ You're truly an inspiration to create art ♥ nature and I look forward to see these seeds bloom in the future!

Ds ♥Works #beinggathering to see more visit:

Series of bookmarks printed for Still moving... a Blurreal photography exhibition by Fernando Matoso, it will run from 15th July to 15th August at the Hotel Minho, in Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal. More info: http://fernandomatoso.com

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♥ BEing back ♥

★ Getting lost is the best way to find what you're looking for but didn't know ♥

Even a juggler drops it all some♥times!

#Agueda, onde tudo começou! Estou por cá com alguns livros #WildGuidePortugal se alguém quiser ;) #visit #travel #portugal #wild #jouneys #adventure #guide #book

"Take your broken heart, make it into art" Carrie Fisher #illustration #sketchbook #backatit

Bom dia Lisboa ♡ Thank you for such beautiful sunrise ♡

I dare to dream... of a world where love is the cure and not the disease. Where love is the tool to overgrow and not the fear overwhelming. Where people are eager to feel and share instead of numbing and shutting off what is their ever changing truth.
Because what do you mean when you say you don't want me to love tou? I do not know how you can do that and honestly i do not wish to go about living without loving. I love easily and unconditionally, i love passionately each moment without fearing what will be. I crave contact, connection and friendship the same way i crave food, nature and solitude. I'm here until I'm gone, I'm not either or, I'm this and much more.
I do not wish to stand by watching, i have the urge to evolve envolving, with each and every being crossing my way. So if you come close be ready to face my whole me or stand by and let me go.
With love...
#love #REvolution

Walking around Lagos, #Algarve, #Portugal, #streetArt #graffiti

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