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Deanna Staffo  Illustrator, Baltimore, MD. Drawings, land camera photos & pretty things (including my husband and two sons).


A thank you for my art director at The Folio Society, because she's really one of the best. I added some color to one of the simpler rejected sketches. It was supposed to be a real quick thing, but of course I wasn't happy and did it twice. I couldn't decide which one I liked better, so just mailed both and she can choose. #portraitillustration #janeausten #persuasion #foliosociety #anneelliot.

1st attempt up close. Maybe better colors? #portraitillustration #janeausten #persuasion

2nd attempt up close. Maybe better draftsmanship? #persuasion #janeausten #portraitillustration

Jesse and I may possibly be having more fun with Sebastian's legos than he is...#legos #robotfaceoff

Little sick boy cocoon.

2016. In some respects, not the best year, but you brought me my second baby, Remy, and an illustrated book baby, so I can't hate you. Cheers to all my friends! I wish you happiness, health and good fortune in 2017! #2016bestnine

I made him stand here and let me take a photo because the blue banner perfectly matched the stripe in his shirt. #complementarycolors #stripes

Jesse. Established in 1981 and still going strong. Happy Birthday! 🎂🎉

Christmas kiddos

First dusting of snow this season.