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Dusty  👥 American/Ca (they/them) / Minimum wage qt. I like textures & Nature & Lights & Ranting & FEMINISM. Music:


When it all comes down can you say you did everything you could?

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The Office & It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia are problematically racist shows. Have a nice day!

What the fuck is going on

I love crying. I LOVE CRYING. I let myself cry when I feel a lot of any emotion. I'm not a burden, and I never make people perform emotional labor unless they tell me they want to. And sometimes they lie for some reason, I have had many friends dislike me because I sob too often! My brain is built around chronic depression, of course I'm going to let myself cry when I am very happy and very sad. I have such a gorgeous connection with myself that make so many fucking people angry, and I love it. You can enjoy your stone cold, robotic life, I'll be over here dropping another fucking mixtape, painting another fucking painting, eating another fucking bag of chips or something, and ill be crying my ass off the whole time. I'll cry all over your instagram. I'll flood my room with my own tears if I want, and I'll swim through my own everlasting love, it just radiates back into myself like a fucking supernova.
"In the chaos and disorder, I'm a mess then I'm a messiah." - Kimbra

A darling flowr


Buhloone Bxtchxs x3

Water from the glass feeling out the shape on the floor
on the floor


Fuck ya

Old Timey Eggy Mommy

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