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Moosh and mama in NYC (again) by @moki_mo (duh)

Date day.

tbt brooklyn aug 2018 by @moki_mo

I call this, pissed at the pumpkin patch 🌾🧡✨

When fueled by caffeine gum and tequila, anything can happen... Season 1 #TheOhioans #partywiththepearls

First birthday success. Main takeaway: Laith is not a fan of vegan chocolate cake. Thank you all for the love ✨

Laith turns one celebratory selfie post continued. LOVE YOU LULU CHECHE MOOSHIE-MOOSH.

Laith, I’m not sure if you realize this yet but we take a lot of selfies. In the event when you’re old enough to read instagram is still a thing, here’s a round up of your first year of life. I love you bud.

And just like that this little dude is ONE. I didn’t know what to post so here’s a snapshot of the last month.

These boys ✨❤️

My little cheech is 10 months old today. Crawling up a storm. Trying to pull up and stand on everything. Eating all the foods mama eats - especially Tata inspired meals. He started clapping yesterday and concludes each session with a double hands up in the air hooray! He's the man. Oh and no he doesn't sleep through the night, you can't have it all can you? I love you, Laith. Photo by @moki_mo

That moment your husband sees you and your best friend (who happens to be a photographer) having an impromptu birthday shoot in the backyard. Hi Dan! Thanks for my new profile pic @moki_mo 🌾✨

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