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Larry Fertick  Purveyor of one of a kind fetish dolls, steeped in Low Country folklore adorned with protective potions and poems. 🔮👓Inquiries: larryfertick@yahoo.com


Meet VIOLA. She has relocated to the upstate of South Carolina to live with Tonya and her family She is a Boohag and symbolizes Tonya past and obstacles she overcame. A pleasure to make her❤️

WOW!!!! Thanks so much to CITY PAPER and especially Dustin Waters for translating my babble into words and Jonathan Boncek for the amazing photos. So much talent in Charleston. I also want to thank Chad Dolbier/Holy City News 1 for his amazing videos on my website. You can also read online at City Paper.

DOCTOR BUZZARD I recently reconnected with friends from years ago. ..Kathy and John. We spent time catching up after 20 plus years. The subject turned to hoodoo (imagine that) and John told me of meeting Dr Buzzard, the ultimate Root Doctor. John is a chef and was working in and around Beaufort S.C. in the early 1970's. One day with Gullah work associates he was traveling by car on Old Plantation Road near Coffin Point. On a sandy road he spotted a man and asked his traveling companions "Who is that"? "Oh that's Buzzard" came the reply. John immediately wanted to meet the infamous root doctor. He was a slight man of about 135 pounds wearing a large hat and a suit a couple of sizes too big. The conversation was brief and at the end John said (thinking of offering a ride), "what's your transportation"? The Doctor replied...."The good Lord gave me feet". There is some mystery as to when Doctor Buzzard (real name Stephany Robinson ) died and where he is buried. At some point his son-in-law took up the calling and was known as Doctor Buzzard or Buzzy. Here you see Leander posing as D.B. and putting the root on dolls in different stages of completion. I have tried in vain to find his grave presumably located on St Helena Island. Oh how I would love to have met Doctor Buzzard.

Getting ready to sew some red hair on this Boohag Maybe some eyebrows as well. Next she gets the wardrobe

Decades ago I visited Manchester, Tennessee, the location of Bonnaroo. At that time it was an arts festival without the name Bonnaroo. I visited for the festival with my friend Ada. Ada was mid sixties and I was early twenties (very Harold and Maude). We visited her childhood friend Ella who lived in a big southern house at 103 N. Church Street. I literally gasped when we walked into the central hall. The drawing rooms on either side were hung from floor to ceiling with recognizable Picasso and Matisse masterpieces. Ella and her mother (deceased for several years prior to my visit) would travel from museum to museum with color chips and tape measure in hand. They would then with insane accuracy duplicate the paintings. Ella and her brother, Edward lived together in the house until his sudden death while visiting a local garden center. I had the pleasure of sleeping in Edward's room. Ella had changed nothing except the bed sheet since his death...clothes in the closet...garden journal open to the last entry. On our last morning there I was the first downstairs to find Ella sitting at the table waiting for the coffee to perk. The subject of Edward came up and I asked about his possessions. "Oh... I just pretend that he's out shopping or visiting and will be home at any minute". I don't know what happened to the paintings.

Meet (from left to right) JOE, TOBYN and SCOTT. Tobyn is moving to Park Circle to live with this couple and their kids. I'll miss the little Haint but I know he's in good hands and I love the neighborhood.

Charleston when it rains

Happy belated Father"s Day to NICK in Michigan....That's him in the middle. Reuben is on either side. Who knew Michigan was famous for the Reuben Sandwich.

Her name is Sybil, meaning prophetess or fortune teller. She is with her new family in Sarasota, Florida.

When my mother and her sisters were children they were sometimes visited by Sally Jones. Miss Sally also had girls and often she and my grandmother would share patterns to make dresses for their children. On other occasions they would sit and have coffee together. When they "had coffee" the children were told to go outside to play. Being as curious as children are they would find excuses to go into the house for something. They came to realize that Miss Sally had the gift of foreseeing the future. When my grandmother finished her coffee she would turn the cup upside down on the saucer When the cup was lifted the pattern formed by the coffee grounds would enable Miss Sally to predict what was to come. Because my grandmother did not discuss Sally's conversation we have no word on her accuracy. 😎

This is my new friend Weston. I sent a custom doll to him and his brother, Nick and mom, Christina in Texas. I had so much fun with this Haint because he is fun to look at and because Weston sees with his hands he is also fun to touch. Love to my Texas pals ❤️

I have mentioned my Aunt Janet in other posts. She always kept us entertained...usually intentionally. (Violet is portraying Aunt Janet) One of our favorite stories is a particular dinner at her house on Virginia Beach. We always ate dinner on a large breakfast porch attached to the kitchen. On this particular night my younger brother and I were seated across from Aunt Janet. She had consumed several adult beverages and had a brief lapse in her otherwise impeccable table manners. Steve, my brother and I watched in silence as she began to butter what she thought was a dinner roll. In fact it was a crumpled napkin. Just before the napkin reached her lips she realized her mistake and smiled a crooked smile and gave us a wink. No one mentioned it and it became our secret. Love you Aunt Janet!

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