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Dr. Whitney Bowe  Board Certified Dermatologist, Media Expert, Author of The Beauty of Dirty Skin, Fitness and Fashion Lover, Proud Momma and Wife


I’m back #bts at @dr_oz with these incredibly talented beauties! I love sharing my insights about achieving your healthiest, radiant skin and I promise to share the upcoming air dates with you guys! @crystalmariebridal @michellecutlermakeup #thatboweglow #healthyskin #newyear2018 #droz #skincare #skincareroutine #expert

If you have a serious sweet tooth like I do, but want healthy skin, my new video on sugar and the skin is for you! Sugar in any form causes multiple changes in our body, from our cellular membranes and our arteries to our hormones, immune systems, gut, and even microbiome—the microbes in our intestines that affect our biology all the way out to our skin. Check it out on the blog —Glycation: Why Sugar isn’t so Sweet for Your Skin {drwhitneybowe.com} #thatboweglow #healthyskin #healthyeating #sugar #sugardetox #glycation

Behind the scenes today at @dr_oz with two of my favorite people- not only beautiful, but all ❤️! Can’t wait to share more about this segment and about one of my fave skincare products with you! Stay tuned! #thatboweglow #healthyskin #newyear2018 #droz @makeupstarlet522 @giannamarieglam

🌈Studies show that antioxidants not only slow down the development of wrinkles and age spots, but they also fight against skin cancer and even keep inflammatory skin conditions under control—conditions like acne, #eczema, #rosacea, and #psoriasis. The take home message here: we love antioxidants! Check out the blog for more on how to incorporate antioxidants into your routine for healthy, glowing skin! #thatboweglow #healthyskin #healthyeating #newyear2018 #antioxidants

This GIVEAWAY is now CLOSED! Thank you to everyone who entered!!! Our IG winners are: @uthfulheart and @stephanievanderwaag! Pls PM me your shipping info and CONGRATULATIONS!!🌟 Who is ready for a 🌟GIVEAWAY🌟 of one of my favorite products, featured on my Dr. Whitney's Picks page?

I get so many questions about my hair care and the tools I use to keep my long hair healthy. One of my must-haves for healthy hair is my AQUIS hair towel which dries hair 50 percent faster, meaning less water damage (that’s a real thing) and heat damage. These towels won't damage your wet hair the way traditional towels do, and that means less frizz and healthier hair!
To win your own AQUIS hair towel, please follow these four simple steps: (1) follow me, (2) follow @AQUIShair, (3) tag a friend, and (4) comment DONE 🌟 below! We will have 3 winners for this Giveaway (btw IG and FB). I will pick our winners by 10 AM tomorrow morning and will post right here! GOOD LUCK!

#thatboweglow #giveaway #longhair #healthyhair #beauty #aquishair

I love sharing my insights on which products I find really deliver! One of my favorite retinol products is featured on Dr. Whitney’s Picks today. Have you used retinol before? Considering starting? Have you found that your products irritate your skin? Check out my Picks page for my recommendation! #thatboweglow #healthyskin #beauty #retinol #favorites

I’m introducing a brand new 2018 feature called 🌟Healthier Skin in Every Decade!🌟What should your skincare routine look like in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond? I’m here to share my skincare pearls, top product picks, and other insights for your healthiest skin in 2018! My latest blog post is for the This is 40s crowd, so check it out! #thatboweglow #healthyskin #beauty #newyear2018 #skincare #skincareroutine

Good morning sunshine! ☀️ We are expecting warmer weather today and it has me in a great mood! Kicking off my morning with a healthy, low sugar smoothie. I love using dates in my smoothies. They add a richness and sweetness while also adding healthy fiber, antioxidants and calcium! Have you tried a smoothie with dates yet? #thatboweglow #healthyskin #healthyeating #beauty #smoothie #sunshine #sunshineday #nomoresnow

Happy #motivationmonday! To kick off this week, I’m sharing my insights on artificial sweeteners! Do you think they are linked to #acne, #diabetes, or #rosacea? Find out what they are doing to your skin and body in my full video {drwhitnetbowe.com}. And- I share my own artificial sweetener confession!! Check it out! #thatboweglow #healthyskin #healthyeating #sugardetox #newyear2018

Who’s up for a healthy, New Year’s challenge? 🌟💪🏻 I’m an expert for @furtherfood’s FREE sugar detox which kicks off January 8, 2018! Sign up on @furtherfood’s website or FB page to get:
1. Your 7 day meal plan with recipes, shopping list and meal-prep guide,
2. Daily tips, diet hacks and workout videos from a world class team of experts, and
3. Access to hundreds of delicious, quick and easy sugar free recipes!
ALL brand new for 2018!
Let’s do this together!
#thatboweglow #healthyskin #healthyeating #workout #health #beauty #challenge #free

Dry, winter skin? I was on @goodmorningamerica today sharing my tips to winter-proof your skin! ❄️Keep your skin healthy and hydrated on a budget with my top drugstore product picks for $10 or less! {link to full segment on www.drwhitneybowe.com} #thatboweglow #healthyskin #winterskin #beautyonabudget #budgetfriendly #gma

I love sharing my view of this beautiful blanket of snow! ❄️ Is it snowing where you are today? I have a fun snow day surprise! I’m gearing up for some New Year’s 🌟Giveaways🌟of my favorite products! Sign up for my VIP newsletter for details! {www.drwhitneybowe.com} #thatboweglow #newyear2018 #giveaway #healthyskin #health #snowday

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