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Andrew Vong  I make mediocre media.

If you want to see my attempt at a mixed-media fireworks show, come thru TOMORROW @ 8 PM to The Hangar at the OC Fair to watch my last project here in the OC!

After a year as a video editor at the OC Fair & Events Center, my time has come to an end. I’m super thankful to have had a stable home for growth and sustainability as an editor WITH A SUPER FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE and will forever cherish the perspectives, relationships and organizational skills I’ve received from their productions department.

Bring a buddy. Grab some food. Watch some fireworks and leave a yelp review! 🎇

It’s only fitting that I’d be filling out immigration papers on America’s favorite holiday. After much back and forth, my cousins have finally been approved to come be with us here in the states.

Can’t wait to show them around and start shooting some more stuff for funsies!


my sunsets are still surprisingly blue.

my days are still surrounded by blue.

my sunrises still start out blue.

This week I had a bad dream involving my dad which ultimately ended with me having to take up his role in the family. He told me that having dreams like that is viewed as a sign of good fortune in Cambodian culture as it reflects what your character is in tough times. What could easily have brought negative energy to our Father’s Day weekend was flipped with a little insight from my dad.

I’ve been blessed to have a stable figure like my dad in my life who could keep things light and fun but also get serious when needed. Thanks for loving us day in and day out!

I’ve been having a great time the past couple of days walking backwards and filming these guys!

Super proud of their match wins 🍳

Can’t wait to see more chicken dinners at the next competition!
#DIGWIN #dreamhack2018 #pubg

My mom told me today that I’m at the same weight she was when she was 9 months pregnant with me. I’m pretty sure that’s a good setup for a wholesome joke about conservation of mass.

that moment when you realize a bigger camera doesn’t make you a better cameraman
📷: @ramonislove

Happy National Siblings Day! Shout out to Mama Vong and my father for helping me outgrow the only child syndrome.

It’s a metaphor.
📷: @ramonislove #69mm

“What do you mean you can’t Uber up here???”
Spent a lot of time falling on my butt and driving a Prius through a blizzard with great company! I should be forced to go on vacation more often☃️

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