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The Anti-You  Uni student and Sims lover.

(I'm back after...like years lmao, but I'm using this account to write the biography of my legacies, cause I really like that so here it is the first ones, If you follow me on my RP accounts, you might already know who's grandparents these are )
Magnus Maximus (1930- )
- Nationality: Finnish - Status: Alive; Married
- Zodiac: Sagitarious
- Family:
Agnes Grusland (Wife)
Ace Balthazar Maximus (Son)
Fausto Maximus (Son)
- Job: Physician
- Bio: He's a very smart and wise guy, has alwas been a nerd all his life, but that never stoped him from getting all the ladies. He's actually had quite a reputation going on in his hometown. Deep down he had the dream to settle down and start a family, but he just never found the right girl, and he wasn't getting any younger.
Agnes Grusland (1942 - )
- Nationality: Finnish
- Status. Alive; Married
- Zodiac: Libra
- Family:
Magnus Maximus (Husband)
Ace Balthazar Maximus (Son)
Fausto Maximus (Son)
- Job: Waitress
- Bio: Her mother died at giving birth to her and her dad 7 died years later from a stroke. She has since then been living with her step-mother, who has been quite awfull to her all her life. She ran away from home. To provide for herself she started working at a fast-food restaurant, it wasnt her dream job but it was a start. Beeing so joyfull and nice to everyone, as well pretty, she atractted all kind of people.



RP sim Emmylia




Too busy with RP and college forgot my main page tsctsc, shame on me. This is Ace, rocknroll star with a big d...heart. RP isso fun my god. If u've an RP acc follow, I follow back there. Love ya.

Ace Balthazar

Erasmus and Guts also got married

I hate when people wanna know about everything I'm doing. u_u

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