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Hannah Bamford  Out to live life to the full!! ☕️ coffee addict 🏋🏼 gym lover 🌏 #LiveForSimo Let the adventures begin


I'm back making coffee for half my working week and I love it!!! Still able to make silky milk and experimenting with coffee in a cone (no problems until you get to the bottle when I goes EVERYWHERE!) #coffee #barista #cafekortschak #latteart #flatwhite #coffeeinacone

Happy Birthday to my super cool, fun loving, and caring Mummy. We've changed a bit over the years but I'm so proud to say you really are one of my best friends. I love you! 😘

So so so #proud of myself!! Today I managed a Turkish Get Up and Windmill with a 12kg #Kettlebell. I still need more work to build the strength for more than 1 rep on each side and to keep my form strong but I could not have been more excited to actually achieve this again 😊😊 My whole workout left me tired and sweaty but I can't wipe the smile of my face.
#TurkishGetUp #Windmill #Kettlebells #happy #strongfirst #sweatymess

Exactly 53 weeks ago today I did the "Sissy Test" for the first time which is serious hell combining kettlebell swings with burpees, but still my favourite challenge I've ever done. Back then I managed the whole thing with a 16kg kettle bell in an hour and 12 minutes (my all time personal best was 57 minutes), today I collapsed on the floor after the half way set with only a 12kg kettlebell.
Despite feeling pretty bad that I let myself get this unfit again I am glad I tried, I now have the point to beat and will do it!
Seriously missing classes with @reflexpti every week not only for help with my form and technique but it's 1000x more fun when you can have a laugh with awesome like minded people like @davina1981 at the same time. If anyone is in the Tunbridge Wells area go and check out Pete's classes in Langton Green on Monday evenings https://www.reflexpti.co.uk/

Lots of work coming up for me but I will get back to that strong and happy person I was.
#sissytest #kettlebells #somuchsweat #dead #burpees #longwaytogo #pureandlean #strongfirst

Coffee in 33degree St. Johann simply because we fancied a change of scene #dayout #posthike #coffee #stjohann @cornertocornerusa @unhealthy.runner

Debz and I are proud to announce that we will be forming a record label, here is a snippet of our first signed group "SchnapsBerger".

Not a bad spot for my morning meditation #Rovinj #headspace @headspace

Holiday together at last! So excited to be in Croatia with Jürgen for a long weekend. Cocktail-o'clock 😊
#Rovinj #Croatia #Cocktails #Yum #Holiday

Our Kitzbühel Mummy tried to make Eric look pretty....#beard #gingerbeard #welovegitti @cornertocornerusa @unhealthy.runner

You know it's been a good workout when even your knees are sweating! #HIIT #Legs #bodyweight #selflove #pureandlean #pureandlean9dayreset @anthonypureandlean @evolvewitheve

Out for lunch today with the girls but instead of the pasta or burger that I know I love, I chose the beef salad and it was delicious!
@spohoreisch @anthonypureandlean @evolvewitheve @bepureandhealthy #pureandlean #pureandlean9dayreset #nomnomnom

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