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Drunk Elephant Skincare 🐘  Our own category: clean-clinical beauty. 🍃🔬 Shop: DrunkElephant.com @Sephora 🇨🇦🇺🇸 @MeccaMaxima 🇦🇺 #drunkinlove


This week’s #TrunkTipTuesday, from @the_muse (tap the link in her bio for more!): “I haven’t had a lot of success with #DrunkElephantSkincare and it got me wondering why. Many of you commented to me and said that Drunk Elephant products worked best when you’re using them exclusively together. I recently contacted them and explained some of the products I was using alone with theirs and they told me that due to the lack of silicones in their products, and the fact they are bio-available it was best to use their brand exclusively. Sounds like a gimmick right? “Use us only for the best results!” Actually, they are indeed right. Due to the lack of silicones and other ingredients their products actually absorb into your skin a lot faster, which means you’ll see results faster. My nightly moisturizer is loaded with silicones and I was trying to use it with #TLCFramboos and I really saw absolutely no results. I started using it with #Protini and suddenly my skin looks so much smoother and softer. When I stopped using my normal moisturizer and started using C-Firma Day Serum along with #LalaRetro I felt my skin looked so much brighter! I’m a lover of skincare and I don’t like limiting myself to a single brand, but in reality you’ll get much better results with Drunk Elephant if you do stick with them exclusively.” Have more DE tips? Comment below so we can share them here!
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#pachyourbags and come away with us and @iamwellandgood ✈️ in sunny #PalmSprings. We'll be gifting each attendee with #TheTrunk (a $556 value featuring Drunk Elephant's full-size best-sellers) at home, and stocking each room at the retreat with #TheLittles. Learn more @wellandgoodretreats! #wellandgoodretreats

“Omg, I love this. Literally rescues my skin when I need it most. 🙌🙌🙌 ” - @miss_sunshineee #drunkinlove
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Guess who our prince is. 🌯 #DESays 📝 @seventeen

Tell us: what DE products are you using this #skincaresunday? Comment below and let us know!
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“When you’re traveling in Cuba and every building reminds of a Drunk Elephant product.” - @_emileerose #idreamofProtini
#pachyourbags 🐘

Just an idea... #DESays

This week's #FAQFriday Q (ask questions in the comments, our founder Tiffany Masterson might just respond! Her answers are marked – TM): "What's the difference between #LalaRetro and #Protini?" A: They're both moisturizers, but each serves a different purpose. #Protini helps support, maintain + prevent loss of collagen, while encouraging production of new. It helps improve tone, texture and elasticity. It strengthens and firms and is loaded with signal peptides, growth factor (the good kind) and amino acids. #LalaRetro is deeply moisturizing, nourishing and balancing and helps restore and support the acid mantle or barrier that is critical to the health of our skin. It rescues skin from everyday environmental stressors. They can be mixed or used in same routine. Think of Protini as the pump of protein added to your morning and night routines just like you would add protein powder to your smoothie! 💪

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Protini is HERE! #idreamofprotini 💚
From our founder Tiffany Masterson: "Every day, I add protein powder to my smoothie for muscle support. I wanted a different kind of moisturizer that would do the same for my collagen… help maintain, create more and prevent breakdown of existing. #Protini was born. Jam-packed with crazy levels of amino acids, signal peptides and safe, synthetic growth factor (the good kind), this dreami “Get-Sh*t-done” cream melts right into your skin to make it hydrated, bouncy and balanced. I’m hoping you’ll fall #drunkinlove!" Tap the link in our bio to shop @Sephora.com!

"Following my cleanser in the morning, I go in with my amazing #DrunkElephant #CFirma Serum. This serum is comprised of L-ascorbic and ferulic acids, and a chronopeptide that transforms into vitamin D to reveal a brighter, firmer and more even looking complexion! This gorgeous serum dissolves dead skin cells while simultaneously moisturizing. It aids in repairing sun damage (so helpful for pale people living in sunny QLD like me) and eases pigmentation, acne scarring, etc. It honestly gives my skin the most radiant, bright glow!" - @bymontanaa #drunkinlove
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@drunkelephantskincare‘s #BHydra Intensive Hydration Gel: Literally like a big glass of water for your skin. This gel diminishes drabness and dullness. This product contains Pro-vitamin B5, which is known for its retention of water and hydration, while delivering optimum results to skin. When you wake up your complexion is brighter and replenished, ready for the week ahead.” - @maryandmai #drunkinlove
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Can someone please invent a skin-centric horoscope? #DESays

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