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Andrew Belle-Isle  If I become a millionaire, I'm moving to Russia and buying a dash cam.

This plate speaks to me

Why take photos of famous things, when you can just take pictures of people taking pictures of famous things?

I'm thoroughly convinced Iceland is the most beautiful country in the world

Aha yes, my favorite part of France, the part that doesn't smell like Cigarettes

It's a rare occurrence, but every now and then the kids of RIT leave their rooms

Father's Day celebration!! #USCSeaDogs

Moving tassels are too much work

You never realize how fun it is to slide some faders until you do it for Jeanne Jimmer #axis #kennett #behringer #maxbelkinisagreatpartnerincrime

Thankful to have you in my life @brianna.desharnais#yeswerefive #dealwithit

Summer is officially over. Usually I'd be sad because I didn't really have as much fun as I hoped. This summer was different though, I had this wonderful girl to make it fun! Thanks for the best summer ever @brianna.desharnais

For the record: my last picture did make the big screen

Will this picture end up on the Dunkin' Donuts screen? #uscseadogs

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