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Wan  🎼33yo Drummer / music teacher / composer 🎶from the North of France, Calais, Saint-Omer, Boulogne, Lille🇫🇷 Check out the music videos on my website !


"The first breath of summer in warm morning rain
Where crimson flowers covered the ground
The world faded 'round us
We fell to our knees
Amazed at the love we had found"

"Sometimes we're blind and cannot see
How beautiful the world could be
If we just opened up the doors of freedom

Cause tenderness and time can heal
A battered heart, life revealed
Compassion leads your way in to the sun on you way to paradise"

Voilà... y'a plus qu'à rentrer dans le Nord!
Bronzé, content, prêt à se remettre au travail, et à profiter... un Bien bel été a débuté.

Plein Les yeux...


Nouvelle escale à Ponza... 😍

"You don't have to search the way of the Gods,
the Starfields above will bring you higher,
But happiness won't enter your heart, your ambition will
Leave you restless"

"Life is easy, we can stay this place
This amazing grace for years to come"

Croisière fastueuse sur le #clubmed2

"You used to say to me
We'd go together
But we never made it this far..."

"I sing through the land,
The land sings through me
Sky Blue"

"But before you enter in nothing more can begin
All the darkness that we choose, lay it down it can't be used
Burn it in the fire"

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