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DRUG🔌RIXH®🤐🤧  💲MONY🔌POWR🔫RSPT🌎WRLD®🖕🏽✋🏾 ‏الله اكبر Drugrixhpesobooking@gmail.com for booking info call :404 593 3636❤️Mel💍


U not allowed less that cash on Ya

New dimension

Creg In the 🔙 youll neva Eva getxha bitxh 🔙 ion drink liquor by the way


30 on me in the trenxhes

Hood Nigga shit


Been doin this shit you lil nigga #DrugRixhBBS21 💲🔌🔫

Go download the 🔥🔥 shit out right now nigga #DrugRixh2 💲🔌🔫💩

Sippin 4s so my 👀s saggy still blastin 🔫

Everybody # your favorite song

Yea that's me..... When they see me

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