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Dr. Peyman Raissi DDS  ℹ️mplant & full mouth Dentistry Cohost:MillennialDentistPodcast Faculty:ImplantPathway.com Private office Link 👇🏼


Power of Regeneration; 🙌🏼
#beforeandafter of an interdisciplinary case where ortho is maintaining Patients congenitally missing laterals space. It’s truly amazing what biology can do for us to avoid complications 🤷🏻‍♂️ WHY? 🤔Read the following
Side Note: 💃🏻Generally In young patients around under 30 years of age and younger whom going thru Implant surgeries specially in the maxillary anterior region, i like to maximize my bone and tissue augmentation for my Implants. This is really not for definite implant integrations or and immediate cosmetic success satisfaction; but for their future and years and years ahead. I️ learned at @koiscenter With normal physiological growth and facial developments specifically skeletally, premaxilla in females tend to push and move horizontally as they age over years and in males tends to be move more vertically. That means which I’m sure some of many of you seasoned dentists and periodontists have seen this or witnessed it in ur office where a 30-40-50 year old female patients comes in and shows up complaining because they’re now noticing a dark underlying metal or a shadow under their tissue showing thru their implant fixture or abutment or both from an implant they received a few years ago that used to look just perfect 🙈🤔😞With that being said, in our treatment planning the more and more we know about the behavior and anatomy of our patients we can at least ensure we have extra bone and tissue as insurance for the future in cases of relapse. Goal is to deliver the most successful treatment plan LONG TERM. unfortunately, miscalculations I️n treatment planning and sometimes patients influence and desire to get their Implants and crowns fast could result in major esthetic complications in the future. So let’s AVOID complications not only short term but LONG TERM! 😘

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From the favorite podcast series Post, bringing you Podcast #3. this one goes to one and only Dr. Michael Scherer @dental3dgeek
We had a great time
@millennialdentist podcast interviewing one of my dear friends and more importantly my long time mentor. Dr. Michael Scherer DMD; he practiced general Dentistry for a few years until he decided to go back and become a board certified Prosthodontist and a badass, literally 😂🤷🏻‍♂️He’s also Speaker, Educator, faculty at 2 dental schools, researcher, clinician and maintains private practice and a Technology Nerd; wow🤷🏻‍♂️😜Tune in to hear his awesome journey and what practices and habits have set him apart to become one of the leading dental experts in the world. He’s super up to date w/ digital Dentistry. In fact he has an online curriculum and training courses that I️m currently actually signed up to learn the workflow in the 3D printing world. You could also follow him on many YouTube channels that he manage, and sign up for his live 3D digital courses. To listen to this podcast which is Episode 12 of our Millennial Dentist podcast please go to: www.MillennialDentist.com/category/podcast/page/3/
Or you could subscribe to our millennial dentist podcast in iTunes and look for episode 12 ****🙈😍there are some promotional codes included in this episode which will get you a great deal on the trainings.✌🏼 #podcasting #favoritepodcast #millennialdentistpodcast #millennialdentist #locators #digitaltechnology #3dprinting #3deducation #dentalstudentlife #dentalpodcast #3ddentistry #audiopodcast #dentalschool #dentalschoollife #prosthodontist #formlabs #formlabsform2 #3dresinart #dentalnerd

Monday Motivation😇 Let’s talk about the concept of “BioProsth” Driven Implant Dentistry. It’s biology and prosthetics synergistically working to drive our implant workflow. We all aneed To increase the predictability for a successful implant surgery long term; prosthetically driven implant Dentistry has been brought up and practiced by many experts and clinicians. However; the more and more I do these surgeries and follow them over time, I have come to realize how much soft tissue and perio is crucial. My respect for soft tissue has gone up tremendously sinc dental school graduation. Unless you specialize as a periodontist or gone to a specialty program, In dental schools curriculum and undergraduates, There are not much emphasis on the Soft tissue contour and thickness around the implant crowns and other implant prosthetics and bars and that yet remain a major critical foundation for the long term success of Implants. It’s not only the prosthetics and function that we’re after. It’s Not just the bone either, the tissue sculpture is an integral part of 4D implant Dentistry. Anatomical healing collar could be made on the day of surgery or on uncovery stage in order to sculpt the tissue profile not only for the anterior dentition but also for the posterior crowns. This helps to ensure the maximize protection that the Peri-implant tissue brings in order to support the future crown. You can customize a plastic abutment by adding composite of acrylic or maybe by #3dprinting you could print your temporary healing collars and many other ways.
so what do you guys think? What do you do to maximize your soft tissue thickness? How often do you sculpt your anterior implant tissue vs. posteriors? 👀How do you feel about soft tissue surgery prior to major bone augmentation to increase the thickness of the future tissue.
Comment your suggestions/concern/questions below🙌🏼✌🏼 #periodoncia #periodontoloji #macrophotography #dentalphotography #periimplantitis #dentaleducation #drpeyray #millennialdentist #mynewsmiledental #biohorizons #tissuesready #softtissue #dentalstudent #implanteducation #nashvilledentist #internalhex #dentalhygiene #beforeandafter

📝💌6000 plus followers wow😇🌹I feel so grateful and inspired with your continuous love & support. I started posting my cases a little over a year or so ago and to say the least, It has been a remarkable journey thus far. I routinely get messages on different social platforms ranging from dental students to young and seasoned dentists from all corners of the globe expressing their enthusiasm and passion and eagerness for knowledge; Messages all have 1 common theme. I’ve realized Dentistry has evolved more than ever. It’s rapidly changing in a pace that we can hardly keep up. I’ve also realized no matter our background differences culturally, racially, ethnically or where we are live and practice geographically continents apart, Dentistry, Technology and social media platforms have delivered 2 things for us: 1. Raise the quality of care to treat and serve our patients better and more predictable than before. 2. It has allowed us to connect and learn from one another. I’ve noticed how many things we all have in common with one another. Common theme is we all want to get better, want to grow, and go beyond of what’s expected from us while provide excellence to our patients, family, friends and community.
I just wanted to take this time and show my gratitude and give shout out to all my lovely followers. thank you to every one who has been an inspiration for me to continue serving.

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🎃😈Happppppy Halloween😈🎃 RealPatient~RealCase 👀 Did you know the prevalence of mandibular tori ranges from 5%-40%. In the 🇺🇸 it’s 7-10%. The size varies and fluctuate throughout life and in some cases they’re large enough to make LOVE💋to each other in the middle of the mouth🙀🤦🏻‍♂️😂Now who wants to tackle these Notorious mandibular tori 🙈hmmm maybe #allon4 on these🤔😂 Notice the capillaries blood action on them Q: have you seen anything larger than these? I challenge you 🤤😂 #mandibulartori #torus #tori #oralsurgery #halloween2017 #drpeyray #mynewsmiledental #dentalphotography #dentalporn #dentalhumor #rodete #mandibular #guinness #guinnessworldrecord #nashvilledentist #dentalporn #halloweeniscoming #halloweenfun #millennialdentist #dentalhalloween

#Fullarchfriday week 13 😜
Before & After of a Sinus Augmentation of a fully pneumatized maxillary Sinus. Sometimes we have to augment bone in the posterior maxilla in order to place Implants in the posterior region. following extractions of the teeth Sinus gets bigger and it collapses and comes in the space of the extracted teeth aka gets pneumatized; So in my full arch cases, one of the things I always look is the shape of the arch (square, ovoid tapered) and how I can get a good AP spread ( better distribution) for my Implants and also know the location of Sinus, any pathology a good medical history from Patient about their sinuses). sometimes I could bypass Sinus and place my Implants at an angle such as #allon4 procedures and at times I like to build bone and place my Implants in the axial mode and straight so that way I can extend my cantilever further back. Every situation and every patient requires extensive studying and understanding of what’s presented and what’s expected. It’s not a cookie cutter approach where everyone gets one or 2 tx. Build your armamentarium of knowledge to be able to see things in a 4 dimensional model, the forth dimension is for what treatment is going to last your Patient the longest. Don’t extend cantilevers too far back as it puts too much forces in ur anterior Implants.. This is a case where I ended up placing Implants axially as you will see in the future posts, step by step and some videos, The case is almost done with Patient wearing PMMA temporarily as we’re finishing the case with upper and lower fixed hybrids and zirconia overlay.
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Ext, Graft, implant: Done🙌🏼
First picture is after atraumatic ext and the pilot hole drilled. Now to immediately place implant or to delay question is on all people’s mind, for me is all based on how each patient presents, it’s not a cookie cutter approach. So many factors in process before, their facial profile, buccal Wall present, extent of infection/trauma, smile line, gingival type, age and medical history etc. If I end up placing my implant I always anchor the palatal wall and start osteotomy 2-3mm below the palatal crest, 1 tip that I could give for these anterior cases I like to use my Occlusal Intraoral Mirror that I use for photography, it keeps me in check aligning with preferred angulation etc, I honestly use that mirror for all my crowns too make sure no undercuts/etc😜 Anyhow, i like to aim for the cingulum of the future crown and I visualize it in my mind as I do my osteotomy.
2nd picture is after I’ve done my osteotomy and usually for immediate cases I like to undercut my osteotomy for better initial stability, I put some bone grafting material such as corticocancelous mixed and use perio probe to position the graft on the facial of where my implant will land.
3rd picture is Our implant in place, for my anterior Implants currently I use custom abutment using Zirconia on a ti base as the abutment of choice and porcelain crowns.
questions are welcomed.... please direct your questions in comments below instead of DM so that more people can see and could learn what others do 😍🤗Peace 🦄

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Another transformation of a lovely Patient that you get to hear and watch her story more as she shares her incredible experience.. 1 of these teeth had to be extracted due to abscess and an implant was placed immediately, can you guess which one? 🙈😜I didn’t think we could close all the gaps and spaces between her teeth with balanced symmetry and harmony, but I was wrong, with anterior esthetic crown Lengthening and playing around with the size and proportion of the teeth and the gums we were able to satisfy our goals and exceed our beautiful patients expectation.. As always thank you to my awesome team for helping me deliver another exceptional smile to Our Patient and of course our lab art pieces done by select Dept @oralartshuntsville from #emax #customabutment #porcelain
Comments/questions are always welcomed😃

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So I've decided to start a series on great dental podcast episodes that are out there available to listen to with amazing valuable content; I was never a fan of podcasts until I started listening to some and they were so addicting and helpful that I never thought I'd be so hooked. Now I even help cohost our own @millennialdentist
some of the future posts will include me and of course our own Podcast interviewing awesome people and some will have other great podcasts from other amazing people that I've listened to and definitely wanted to share it with you guys.. ⠀
Alright #2 post goes to: Keepin’ it Real w/ one and only @howardfarran
Like Sully @ddsdickcuatro said If you’ve been in Dentistry for only an hour you would know who Howard is. There are very few people in the world of Dentistry that always be remembered as ICONS. He’s a true icon and amazing influencer in our generation that has helped shaped modern Dentistry the way it should be with creating many different arenas such as DentalTown. Anyways I won’t say much other than you gotta listen to this guy because he’s filled with a world of wisdom and inspirations. To listen click on the LINK in my BIO or go to: ⠀ http://millennialdentist.com/028-chicken-mc-nuggets-with-dr-howard-farran/

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Here’s a short video of a much longer case I had fun making,😃thank you to my awesome team that I would be nowhere without them, thank you to @oralartshuntsville for design fabrication and their Select Dept for the ART and hours of detail and precision put into this.. all together delivering yet another masterpiece and more importantly make another wonderful patient to Smile Again. Full photos, highlights & extended videos of most cases are being created.. thank you to all the followers for your support,
Questions and suggestions.. please follow & stay tuned🙌🏼 #drpeyray #mynewsmile #mynewsmiledental #oralartshuntsville #labwork #dentallab #prosthetics #prosthodontics #zirconiabridge #fullarchfriday #millennialdentist #millennialdentistpodcast #bestofprosth #laboratory #implantologia #impressions #dentalvideo #educational #dentalstudent #dentalhygienist #dentalassistant #dentaltechnician #cadcam @dentistrymyworld @implantcompare @dentalcases @identistry @dentistry_forum @dentistry.world @dentists.forum

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