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David Rossetti  NY-based theatre pro creating a non profit - www.asburyparkplayhouse.com. Educator, Manatee lover, & proud fiancé to The Vegan Roadie.

A place I know.
A place I have been to many times.
A place I could’ve been in when tragedy struck.
Hate will not win. Ever. #onepulse #equality #wewillnotlethatewin @onepulseorg @pulseorlando

Dzzisney Dzzaddies riding their first ride!!! #dayoff #disneyworld #animalkingdom

It’s been awhile since I’ve felt hope. Like, true, visceral, honest-to-God hope. In ANY form. And today that changed in Dayton, OH at the #marchforourlives rally downtown. Hearing so many young people standing up and saying #enough and not taking no for an answer was thrilling, inspiring, and emotional. These young people are smart, articulate, driven, and strong beyond belief and they deserve better. They deserve the chance to go to school without fearing for their lives. Arming teachers is literally the laziest and dumbest ideas out there. They are schools, NOT prisons. We owe it to those young people (and the hundreds of others from mass shootings) to TRY something. To TRY new laws and regulations and yes, maybe a ban on those “precious” assault-style rifles that no good hunter actually needs. It’s time to wake up from the fantasy gun-toting John Wayne macho BS and realize doing nothing is just that...nothing. No one is trying to take your guns away, we just want to make it harder for them to get in the wrong hands. What’s so awful about that? These kids are the face of that difficult multi-faceted conversation that is so desperately needed. Along with teaching kids empathy, compassion, mental health funding and research, increased background checks, domestic abuser bans. We have some of the most brilliant minds in the world, yet we are literally KILLING each other. Can we TRY something? These kids are saying YES and I’m finally hopeful for the future. The kind of future this generation is demanding.

Beyond blessed to have gotten an amazing week reconnecting with friends and family while in Michigan. Reminiscing about old times (like when i was uncle Drosselmyer and Jessica was Clara in photo #2) while creating new memories not to be forgotten. Shout out to @jessicaecorbett and her amazing fiancé @wanders_not_lost who generously put a roof over my head (and dogs in my life again!). So grateful for that and our #basicbootcamp week! And to my Michigan family who drove to see me and cheer me on and two of my dearest college pals who drove from Chicago to see me with enough time for hotel silliness, breakfast, AND shoe shopping (video fashion show included). I am so thankful to see you all and get to squeeze you in person. A great recharge for my spirit.

Omg, proud doesn’t even begin to describe it. @theveganroadie, my fiancé, is on the shelves in Barnes & Noble in NYC! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! #thesimplyvegancookbook

Bucket List item happened in Los Angeles when some of the @rottenbroadway was on a taping of @therealpriceisright. IT FINALLY AIRS TODAY!!! See if anyone of us gets called up! :-) (shout out for @mcclurerob who designed these fun t shirts for us!)

No matter where we are, my heart always beats for you, mi amore. Happy Valentine’s Day!

My fiancé. My man. My AUTHOR! So excited to see him speak and sign at his very first book signing at one of our favorite eatery & library @busboysandpoets in DC. @theveganroadie #thesimplyvegancookbook

At the famous @nattheatredc! Last night was opening and if it’s any indication of audiences here, I’m super excited for the next two weeks. Come see this ROTTEN show!

I can’t even begin to express how proud I am of my amazing fiancé, Dustin Harder (aka @theveganroadie!). His book comes out TODAY and I’m overwhelmed. You may know him solely as The Vegan Roadie, but I know him as Dustin too. Dustin is the guy that would get groceries delivered at 6am and cook until 10pm to make sure EVERY recipe was what he wanted (yes, with the variations...so 450!). Dustin is the guy who tossed and turned in his sleep stressing over the perfect amount of variety, recipes that were great for beginners, creating complex flavors but with simple instructions. Dustin is the guy who thought about EVERY SINGLE WORD in this book and did it all in a NYC kitchen (an estimated 5 foot X 5 foot square kitchen) with a small fridge, and the most basic oven. I got to hold the book last weekend and it’s GORGEOUS! Stunning cover and photos, great layout and index, and its hefty! It was nothing short of incredible and I couldn’t be prouder. Cheers to Dustin, @theveganroadie, and the #simplyvegancookbook

Beyond proud of @theveganroadie and his first cookbook out Tomorrow!!! Repost from @theveganroadie using @RepostRegramApp - Ooh ooh ooh!! Look at these greatest hits from #thesimplyvegancookbook - today is the LAST DAY to place your pre-order to get yourself a FREE issue of @vegnews simply send your proof of purchase to veganroadie@gmail.com and BOOM vegnews will be in your mail box soon!! Link to preorder in profile. Thank you for the support and enthusiasm around the book, I’ve heard many people say they have bought it as a gift for that veg-curious person in their life (cue tears 😭) my mission from the get go has been to bridge the gap between Vegans and non to create a welcoming platform that is all inclusive no matter who you are or where you are on your journey - I’m elated that this is being received as an opportunity for people to do just that! Vegan is simple. #kaledit #veganroadiewashere #vegan #veganfoodshare

So great catching up with @brooklynnkohler and Matt (is he on Insta?) in Salt Lake City. One of my favorite parts of tour is reconnecting with dear friends and this was one for the books. 2/3rds of the “Bed Alliance”, just missing @thejustinbarnette. #hairspraywow #howlonghasitbeen #letsnottalknumbers #hairspray #tracy #stooie

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