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I was going to caption this “parasite,” but figured I’d get complaints. 😬
Instead I’ll dedicate this pic to my mom. She turns 76 today. She’s the one that taught me how to drive in a gigantic POS ‘69 Ford pick up when I was 16 years old. We took out a church parking lot fence when she tried to help me stomp on the brakes, and she inadvertently stomped on the gas. While in reverse!!! We were both traumatized. Later she taught me how to drive a stick shift. Another trying experience for both of us, for sure. lol. Anywhoo! Happy Birthday, mom, from your third parasite!!! Let’s rent a Ferrari and tear it up!!! 💗

Triangulating the headless man on Fairfax

#barf in #beverlyhills

A date recently told me that those who brag/gloat the most about their romantic relationships on social media crash the fastest and burn the hardest. My response: well that warms my heart. 💗 Lol. I don’t have the answers. We live in weird times. #pink

The one I mentioned above is the guy that asked if he could get my address and pick me up for our first date. I paused. And thought. And gave him my address, and warned him that I’d be armed. 😹👍🏻✔️ This shows how much I know about romance and such! 😉

For the record, I prefer potted plants to cut flowers. But I’ll take what I can get. 😬

How do ya like them 🍎🍎?
Happy Valentine’s Day too! 💌

🌧 play date / after the rain / the sky here today 🌧


Daaang #dtla was hoppin’ tonight. Who knew?! There was a screening of The Shining at The Palace Theatre. I’m pretty “meh” on most horror movies, but this was a reminder that The Shining really is one of the best. #streetfoodcinema

Fin #apropos

Candy-colored Caturday. It’s nice when your cat matches your decor. 😹 #caturday #simba #cattitude #pink #peach #peachpit
Fabulous pastel drawing of the Ferragamo shoes is by Kelly Reemtsen. I know — you can’t really see it well here. Someday maybe I’ll post more and better pics of art I have at home. Or I’ll have a party and you can come on over and just see for yourself. That’ll be the day. Lol.

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