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May Highland  Yo,I'm a digi/trad artist who enjoy everything about sonic. ☆☆☆ . Esp/Eng◾MX◾Artist◾May/07 . ⚠COMISSIONS OPEN⚠ . ~Follow me in my other accounts~

She was one of the best artist I have known. Her art was gorgeous, full of her feelings and yet she wasn’t the mad, filthy person you called her. She is not bloodthirsty, a rapist, SHE IS NOT LADY. She got sick because of us, she got sick of the toxicity of this community.
She is a very nice person, friendly, open, caring, funny… It hurts to hear she was harassed, that she was in bad condition. The love for drawing vanished.
Of course she tried to look away, to keep doing what she like.
She left for her own good, I’m happy for her, even if it pains me. The last thing I know was that we were making her smile with the entries for her last contest.
This drawing was my entry, I told her to not make me win, this was my gift but…the contest ends earlier than we expected for unknown reasons, she deleted all her accounts, for those we knew her well are hoping she’s ok.
Einn, if someday you are able to read this I just want to say I’m sorry if I wasn’t enough for you, I wish we met before, I wish to know you better, you are an awesome person, I wanted to be a better friend for you. I send the best wishes of prosperity I have, even if you don’t come back.
Love you Einn, farewell my friend. 💕💕💕💕💕☕ #ladythehedgehog #einnharder #goodbye

Heya, Droffagner is a bloodhound dog. Yep... my fursona is a doggo beacuse is Lazy, Big and Clumsy as me.



My first comission for CaptainNinjaPants in DA


I need the money to pay my college and bills.
I'll appreciate it if you comission me.

5 slots avialable!

For @branx_wolf 🐺🐺🐺

If Shadow were a Zeti.
In my opinion Zetis are alien-like creature, they could be Shadow's cousins.
Anyway, I like how he looks being a Zeti
Zadow the Zeti #Shadowthehedgehog #soniclostworld #zavok

Metal tutorial in Deviantart
Link in my bio

In the sonic games I like to switch the audio language to Japanese; the character slightly change their personality.

Koji Yusa is the voice actor of Shadow the hedgehog, I like his voice a lot. Shadow sounds calmer yet cold in Japanese, instead of bitter in English.
Thic pic was inspired in his song


⚠Read Please⚠
I do NOT own this AU, the creation of the story belongs to my friend @einnharder

If you like Fall into the Void, PLEASE support Einnharder in her Patreon account where you can find this awesome comic (+18)

Link in her bio 💀💀💀 #Sonic #Fallintovoid #fitv #gore #patreon

The payphone call
I use a photo I took around my house. I love the way how it looks. Enjoy 📞
High quality in DA (link innmy bio)
#Shadowthehedgehog #sonadow #sonicsa2 #sonic
Shadow: "...Can I see you tonight?"

"Running out of time"
Ya know, I like more this trio than the sonic team or the triple S. Blaze and Jet (Shadow too) are the echoes of Sonic, and the heroes of their dimension.
Sonic: ...We are running out of time.
The hero, the princess and the descendant.
#SonicTheHedgehog #Blazethecat #Jetthehawk .
👀 It is me or they could be Sonic, Sonia and Manic?

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