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May Highland  H I A T U S . . Esp/Eng◾MX◾Artist◾May/07 Ocs: #mayriethehedgehog #dynamthecat #miyeruthehedgehog . Follow me in my other accounts

Yeh, why not? I want to draw something different.

Mutuals only, thank you (doing this on twitter too)
Thanks for join.

"The Guardian Angel"
I read the last comic issue and fell in love with Whisper and the cuteness of Silver.
Drawing Whisper was a big fun.
#sonicidw #Whisperthewolf #wisp #guardianangel
You can see the high quality version in my Deviantart [link in my bio]

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I'm in hiatus because I got a job, when I'm not working I take time for me or for study (is one of my hobbies). Of course I keep drawing, but only sketches for me, nothing to show about.
I hoping to post something cool soon. Unfollow if you want, I don't care. I'll draw whatever and whenever I WANT, no need to rush me or be rude with me, I got my own life and I know what to do with my time. In the other hand, I am grateful of the good memories around here, thank you for your support. See ya around 💙 (I'm not leaving, just adapting)
P.s. I am more active in twitter ;)

This is my entry for the little contest that @jetorii is making for her new Au.

So... a can't decide hahaha... choose whoever you like: Mayrie or Miyeru, don't care.
For Miyeru I chose the number 2 (I like roman numbers hehe) bc is @miya_dany lucky number.
And for Mayrie is the number 4 bc is the double of two and a bad luck number in other contries.

I didn't read your wattpad story yet, but... I might think Mayrie and Miyeru took a serious business as mercenaries and they lurk the BR by joining a devious team.

#miyeruthehedgehog #mayriethehedgehog

"The gravity, the genesis"
Miyeru in his Au suit

I'll be in hiatus for some weeks, I am busy in my real life, I'll tell the details later.

#miyeruthehedgehog #au #cyan #gravitygenesisau

I started to draw since 2010, wolves were my only passion I barely drew humans back then. (I draw sonic style since 2014)
If you don't mind let me show you two of my original characters: Rapier (left) and Eclair (right) both are males.

#Ocs #wolves

Angry Miyeru

Mostly when he's angry his power go to the limit. His gray eyes turn to electric cyan.

#miyeruthehedgehog #cyan

Gift for my friend @imdatrabbitz and her character Eira the rabbit

I'm a big fan of your coloring, I tried to make your bunny in my style I hope you like it and keep that excelent work. 👏💙💙💪💪 #eiratherabbit #clouds #gift

Doing some sonic warm-up
#sonicadventure #sonicthehedgehog #dreamcast

I recreated the poster from the prototype game (Finger gun Z) that appear in the Tv comercial for the release of Sonic Mania plus

#sonicmaniaplus #infinitethejackal

Thank you all for 900+ followers and 100+ in twitter. I know we are close to the thousand, it is a happy thing but I want to share the why I'm not all happy of celebrating right now...
I'm in a middle point of my life that I don't know the right way to be, I feel sad most of the time.
There are things in my private life that could be affecting me (school, job, family, etc.) or I been harsh on myself, I don't know... and it's been days since I cannot draw (felts like eternity believe me).
I try to distract myself by doing other things; is not an artblock, cuz I have many ideas but simply I don't enjoy my art anymore; my old stuff, my new stuff, traditional or digital, anything. Every time I try to draw is... gross, terrible like "heck, what is wrong with you, May?"
I... I already thought about give up on my Ocs or erase my art accounts lightly...
My latest drawings and the livestream was part of try to feel confident about my art but... It does not help much.
The reason I didn't talked about it before (DM) was becase I was scare of feeling worse, I'm sorry...
Thanks for the support, it means a lot for me, really. Love you guys 💙


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