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When u stuck inside cuz of da bad weather

Wat could u possibly think is about 2happn to this!!!!

U know ur big cuzzn made it happen everytime u called me bihh. But how nda fuck sumshit like this go just happen man. I wish u woulda just stayed yo ass home Sunday bruh..Fuck Dillard man. U know these fuck niggas don't wanna bump these days. All dats left 2say now is just hold it down for me up there n tell my ole girl,grandma,n granddaddy, i said i miss them n most definitely to RIP.....#1Jerm

gettn rite up here at Disco shit!!!

Me n da wifey checkn out da paddle boat on Father's Day!!!

Happy Father's Day to me!!

Happy Father's Day to me!!!

Me m Fool slidin!!$$

Lil Rok turnt 1 today!!!

Happy Mother's Day Ma... I miss u dearly

This is why my freedom is a virtue...#Daddysgirl


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