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What a year it’s been. I can’t imagine a better way to start my birthday with this very humbling recognition by @modernluxury for my deepest passion project, working with @standingvoiceuk. For my birthday, please consider donating to Standing Voice to be a part of working to demarginalize persons with albinism in Africa. Brava to @drdendy @drpauljarrodfrank @drjacono for their inspirational work. #dogood #albinism #charity #whatlifeisabout #giveback #birthdaywish

This year has been incredible. One of the best parts has been surrounding myself with the most supportive, kind, and humble fellow dermatologists. How lucky am I? Happy holidays everyone. Much love, happiness, health, and heart. ❤️ ♥️ 💜 PS - Dhaval can’t contain himself. I’m squeezing those guns! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 @gilbertoalvarez @drbhanusali

Happy Thai Father’s Day to the OG Kanchan. He’s taught me that being a badass is about hard work, humility, and determination. When I tell him I’m tired, he reminds me that him and my mom had sleeping bags in their practice, doctors in his day didn’t leave the hospital a week at a time, and that a 6 day work week is normal still at his age. #bowdown #happyfathersday #theOG

Skincare Chronicles! Thanks @lavieestjessiebelle and @womenshealthmag for featuring what a glycolic peel can do you for your skin. And NO - it’s not like Sex and the City when Samantha gets a peel. But for reals, I really appreciate Jessie’s honestly and candor in this video. Bonus - She’s really smart and sweet. I love glycolic acid and mild chemical peels but it’s important to realize that a series of chemical peels is best and maintenance is key. There many types of chemical peels - superficial, medium, and depth - which correlates is the strength of the peel. The stronger the peel, the more effective but the more downtime there is. A glycolic peel is a mild superficial peel that addresses discoloration and uneven skin tone. To learn more and see Jessie’s experience, click on the #LinkintheBio #glycolicpeel #sexandthecity #samantha

Lots of people know a few of my obsessions - skin (obvi) and modernizing patient care. Healthcare is more than clinical care, research, education, and training. It’s also about technology and data. By leveraging technology and data, clinical outcomes can change drastically. Electronic medical records and regulations nowadays are exhaustive, complex, and confusing which then leads to burnout and dissatisfaction. It’s not enough to have technology solutions. You need to invest in learning your platform and its full functionality. It’s not enough to know your platform. You need to continually adapt and evaluate your work flow as technology evolves so patient care can be the highest level possible. Entière spent the past three days doing a deep dive in our platform, technology solutions, and data. Side note - Technology and software conferences know how to throw a good party. Who knew?! @entierederm @jacquelinemrowan @modernizing_medicine

#aboutaweekago 9 Tanzanian dermatologic surgeons removed and cured 24 skin cancers from persons affected with albinism. One year ago, we began the first pilot program of training and teaching Tanzanian dermatologists on skin cancer diagnosis, management, and surgery. I’m so proud of our dermatologists and the incredible team of @standingvoiceuk #tanzania #charity #nonprofit #dermatology #education #skincancer #surgery #ilooklikeasurgeon

Big congrats to everyone who ran the #NYCmarathon. Thanks to @huffpost for the timely interview about whether Runner’s Face is real or not. Click on the #LinkinBio to learn why some ultra-runners end up with more sun damage and signs of aging than those who don’t run. Hint: It’s not from the repeated bouncing of the face. #runner #health #exercise #skinhealth @entierederm

Nothing like an African sunset. I’m going to miss this. What a wonderful day and even more of a rewarding week. I was advised by so many people not to come back to Tanzania this year since I JUST opened my own practice. With every start-up, there is so much to do especially as a solo practice. All responsibilities end up on my shoulders so I felt I was being irresponsible and careless leaving my baby so young. On the other hand, I felt a commitment to come back that I couldn’t shake either. As a physician, I wholeheartedly believe that we are in the service of our patients, our community, and our profession as a whole. For me, it’s part of my job to stay curious and romantically idealistic. I used to think that idealism died during residency/young attending life because that part of our life sucks - training is grueling and never ending, medicine’s political structure is so ingrained that change seems impossible, personal/financial pressures really start to dig in, and you’re f*ckin tired. I truly believe that to stay idealistic, you have to be inspired and to be inspired, you need challenging experiences. Yeah, it’s not easy to travel 28+ hrs around the world for a 1 wk trip, to teach 8 community dermatologists to care for 240+ persons with albinism over 3 clinics and then 24 skin cancer surgeries in a day, to brainstorm and mentor research ideas with colleagues. It’s not all fun and it’s hard. But it inspires me. I want to be a part of making change for dermatology in Africa. I want to inspire African doctors through learning and empowering them to see how impactful they are, how much skin diseases profoundly affects our patients lives, so that we can narrow the gap in skin health in east Africa. It’s so much work but it only can be done with a team of amazingly compassionate and brilliant people. To med students, residents, and attendings who feel like medicine sucks, find your inspiration but in a thoughtful way. Do it without thinking you’re a hero (because you’re not) or that you know better than local healthcare providers (because you don’t. You just know a different knowledge base). Do it because we are a profession of service and learning.

Less than a year ago I met this fireball girl and of course, her selfie game continues strong. First day of @standingvoiceuk skin cancer prevention clinics in Mwanza and we screened and treated 109 persons affected with albinism by 8 community Tanzanian dermatologists. What a difference a year makes. We are seeing the astounding and groundbreaking effects of @standingvoiceuk dedication and hard work with less aggressive skin cancer and well protected patients especially in this young lady’s generation who have been lucky enough to grow up during a time that activism, support, and education. What a difference good health can make on a girl’s confidence. Posted with patient permission. #SelfieGameStrong 💁🏻💁🏼 *
#albinism #activism #ngo #tanzania #eastafrica #healtheducation #skincancerprevention #skincancer #dermatology #dermatologists #empower #thefutureisfemale #womenempowerment #doingitlikeagirl #charity #ngo #entierederm #entiereinafrica @entierederm @sabinezetteler do you remember this girl?!?

We started our fifth @standingvoiceuk skin cancer surgery workshop today in Tanzania which completes our one year anniversary since we launched the first Skin Cancer Surgery Workshop. To see how far the community dermatologists have come in just one year is incredible to witness how much of a difference empowerment and training can make. It’s even more humbling to be a part of their education and mentorship. Tomorrow we embark on three days of clinic with over 100 patients with albinism daily. Please visit the link in the bio to watch an informative and brilliant short film by @harry_freeland to learn more about our skin cancer surgery prevention program and follow along my Instastories for live coverage! #standingvoice #charity #nonprofit #education #empower #globalhealth #dermatology #skincancer @sabinezetteler @entierederm

Intense mode. Sculpting lips are one of my favorites procedures. It’s about recognizing the nuance, knowing anatomy cold, respecting the patient’s aesthetic and natural lip shape, and having an obsession for artistry and geometry. #math #geometry #lips #art 📸: @apisukh

Wine and extraordinary food over conversations on how to revolutionize our society on how we think about food, health, and of course, skin with the innovative @davidbouley at @bouleyathome. #aboutlastnight #neighbors #BouleyatHome #microbiome #acne #lowglycemic #skinhealth #fermentation #health #nutrition #flatiron @entierederm

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