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drmelodymoore  Social entrepreneur reminding you of your inner shine, beloved. Psychotherapy+Yoga+Forgiveness+Joy. Founder @embodylovemovement

My girl @kkellyyoga right in front standing up for justice. She’s doing her work, and it’s radical. I’m doing mine, and it’s heartbreaking. My work is listening to client after client share her story of survival from assault, rape, molestation, terror. My work is holding her reality as sacred and her survival as triumphant. My work is containing my rage so that she can unload hers. My work is to support her in navigating from shame and into wholeness at whatever pace she needs, and through whatever path she requires. It’s extremely rare that I work with an individual who wasn’t significantly harmed by having her innocence stolen and her body and psyche violated. The effects are devastating and the impacts are often life-long, if not inter generational. My clients, past and present, are powerful, brilliant, amazing women and they, like me, each were denied their reality when they told someone what happened, and more often than not too overcome by the shame they felt to report their perpetrator. I have deep empathy for that. When I was sexually assaulted my freshman year at Pepperdine I didn’t tell anyone for a long time. I didn’t report him because I felt embarrassed, because I felt ashamed, because I felt afraid. Believe women. Believe girls. Believe survivors. And in whatever way you can show up for this work, for the girls or women in your life, community, country, planet, please do. And if you are a survivor and you are stirred, or triggered, or overwhelmed, please seek support, take gentle care of you, be as kind to yourself as you can. No one deserves to be questioned, invalidated, or ridiculed for having been a victim. Ever. #believewomen #metoo #timesup #therapist #shero

Happy happy happy birthday to my @seanecorn. You only get more generous, more brilliant, more present, more kind, more gorgeous every day, my beautiful bestie. Saturday night...we Bey. #happy52 #fluffanutta #beyhive #birthdaylove #veganwishes

Sunday Service at One Love Fits All this morning and a full circle moment for me. The first time I stood with a microphone in my hand to welcome students to this lawn was 9 years ago, when @onelovedallas first originated and I was raising funds for the @offthemat seva challenge. Back then, the support of the Dallas yoga community overwhelmed me. Today, it uplifts and carries me. That fundraiser turned into a national fundraising strategy, and I witnessed the capacity of community and the necessity of contributing in whatever way I could. @embodylovemovement was born out of the inspiration that I received through @offthemat and it’s cofounder @seanecorn . She then became my teacher, mentor, and finally, best friend. The full circle moment came today, when Seane showed up on this lawn, in Dallas, to offer her teaching and her love to this community of Embody Love Movement and one love and just love. My gratitude is endless for her, for this community, and for the love ❤️ in every moment. #embodylovemovement #onelovefitsall #gratitude #mentor #sisterhood #alwaysastudent #wedidit #yoga #yogateacher #everythingissacred #holyholy

One Love Fits All!!! @seanecorn @embodylovemovement @kkellyyoga it’s happening! Donate at embodylovemovement.org !!! #sisterhood #embodylovemovement #onelovefitsall

@seanecorn is the definition of friend. Tomorrow, she’s showing up for @embodylovemovement to teach in Dallas at our fundraiser, One Love Fits All. If you live in Texas—come and receive this beautiful soul and brilliant teachings by registering at embodylovemovement.org today. If not, choose to donate instead! Any amount will help us continue to heal the disembodiedness, internalized oppression, and stigma given to female identified people in the 🌎. The DNA of @embodylovemovement is contribution over comparison 💕 , kindness over criticism 💗, and celebration over shame ❤️. @seanecorn embodies these values. And I am the forever grateful recipient of her mentor ship, bestie-ness, niceys, and full on support. Including coming to teach in my home town tomorrow!!! Color me overwhelmed with thanks. 🙏🏾 Come tomorrow, be served up a big dose of miracle on your mat-CenterPark Garden class starts at 10AM! #grateful #gotmyback #sisterhoodispowerful #onelovefitsall #embodylove

This is my work. And my passion. Connection. Embodiment. Presence. Grace. Digging deep at the leadership summit for @embodylovemovement led by my girl @kkellyyoga and attended by these courageous women locating themselves in context and finding purpose within. #embodylove #listening #embodyup #onelovefitsall

@kkellyyoga is IN town!!! This woman is leading our third annual @embodylovemovement leadership summit and I could not be more excited to have my bestie be this freaking brilliant! Here’s to sisterhood being powerful AF. #embodyctzn #sisterhood #sisterwives #speedoftrust #elmsummit #embodyUP

Cousin @kelliherd you are my Shero. Thanks for a sneak peak of your new office. Just like you, it’s everything. #dykesonbikes #haveherdasherie #angelsareamongus #holy

Laurie and Jesse’s first dance!!! The sweetest wedding 👰🏼 👰🏼 for two of the most amazing women I know. 14 years and two kids later, it’s about time! #weddingweekend #loveislove #laurieandjesse #wives

Home. Sunset from the patio is one of the ways I retreat from the doing. You? If you need more time for you, it’s there. Learn how to expand the time and space in your day by coming to “retreat to within” in the Bahamas with me Jan 29-Dec 5. Sometimes you have to go away to come back home to you. This could be one of those times. I’m so grateful to be able to host 12 students for an entire week...be one of them? Drmelodymoore.com for links and registration information. #retreat #yogateacher #presentnotperfect #embodylove #9spacesleft

My friend @fleshmanflyer has so much courage. She wrote and performed a camp song for the women at @oiselle big bird camp, and sang it like she meant it. I’m grateful when any one of us is willing to share our skills or our vulnerability with the rest of us. It opens possibility for the all of us to shine. For real. #bigbirdcamp #stompstomp #wereheretosay #embodylove #whatever #presentnotperfect

@oiselle_sally thank you for bringing me to Big Bird Camp and giving me the chance to share the self love with your squad of amazing women all weekend! #embodylovemovement #bigbirdcamp #oiselle #yogateacher #retreat

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