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drmelodymoore  Social entrepreneur reminding you of your inner shine, beloved. Psychotherapy+Yoga+Forgiveness+Joy. Founder @embodylovemovement

When I stopped praying that she’d show up, and started becoming who I needed to be—through dedication, a lot of 🙏🏾 prayer, years of therapy to undo and unknow, even more years on the mat to reconnect and remember...I became. I became the woman I could love, could forgive, could appreciate, could honor, could hold sacred. I stopped looking for reasons she wasn’t here and started committing to the reasons I am. She came, not because I’m more, or less, but because timing is always divine. We call in who we need to mirror for us the places where we have yet to expand, where we cannot yet accept. I’m grateful for all the effort and all the surrender it took for me to find her, and for all of the parallel work she’d been doing to attract me. Thank you for you @courtw32 my love. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Beloved, if you’re in a space on this day of being single and happy, single and longing, married and overjoyed, married and miserable, dating and unsure, polyamorous, divorced, widowed, seeking, finding, yearning, hiding...however you find your heart whispering or screaming on this day, you are enough. You, alone or partnered, are enough. You are loved. You belong. May your prayers for knowing and experiencing love in every form be answered today. And always. #happyvalentinesday #presenceoverperfection #embodylove

This is what lockhearted looks like! Happy to bring my fiancée to meet my LP and her wife at their honky tonk reception today! I love it when pots find their lids, especially this one. Yay @luxevans and @hellonwheelshandcraftedjewelry biggest congratulations, you two love birds! #lockheartedintexas #stuckonyou #weddingweekend

One of the coolest cats I know @yogisparrowe featured in page one of @yoga_international this month. And knowing Linda, perhaps every month. This woman is a veritable fountain of wisdom. She’s authored her own best selling books, edited those of others, advised organizations and corporations, celebrity teachers and young students for decades. If you don’t follow her work, do it! Study with Linda and be blown away by how much one brilliant mind and generous heart can share with you. I am! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖Tag a friend, mentor or advisor that you adore here and give them some 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽! Let’s uplift each other!#lindasparrowefanforlife #thisiswhatayigilookslike #family #yogisparrowe #lindaknowsbest

On 1.25.19, she said YES! I couldn’t be more happy or more excited to spend the rest of my life with the love of my life. I am overcome with deep gratitude for having found this brilliant, kind, generous soul and for the ways she sees and treats me. That our parents were there in celebration was healing and whole...a full circle miracle. 💍💍 #engaged #manhattanbeach #lovelovelove #timingisperfect #embodylove

The mountains called, and we answered. Vacation-down time, away time, reflection time, play time, together time-matters. Taking a week off is always a reminder to do so more often...what a privilege. Especially to share it with @courtw32. #ohcanada #presentnotperfect #love #vacationstation

The moment I met her, I knew we were off to a grand adventure! Spent our anniversary watching her skate ski (this woman can do anything), cross country skiing, hiking, and treasure finding at the Skandinave spa. Heart full of gratitude for all of it. #nowiski #adventure #ohcanada #happyanniversary #love #embodylove #presence

Whistler for the win!!! Today I learned that moguls are not for me, but with a little grit and a lot of grace, no one got hurt. Not even our relationship 🥰. #imjusthereforthehotchocolate #canadianvacation #mogulsareatrap #shecanride #presentnotperfect #snowboard

Smiling because she knows I’ll follow her anywhere. we made it to Whistler! I love boarding because it, like yoga, requires total presence and embodiment. #mylove #expert #mountaintour #snowboard #snowangel #presence

Best mom sandwich 🥪 ever! So grateful to these two moms for being generous with their time and wholehearted with their love for us! @carol10is @nancygwright you two are amazing! #momsanddaughters #thankyouforthelove #surprisevisit #embodylove

Full moon 🌕 big wishes for my birthday! Although it’s hard to imagine life gets any better than this, especially with @courtw32 by my side. Thanks to my friends who celebrated me in person and through the screen; I feel so loved! It’s amazing to be 42 and have my friend @seanecorn hold back my hair so I don’t burn it from the fire 🔥 of my candles instead of needing a friend to hold back my hair for *other reasons* in my youth! Grateful for age and the wisdom that comes with it! I hope to see you in this year and celebrate you, too, loves! #vegangelatocake #friendswhoholdyourhairback #lovelovelove #42 #thankyouforthelove

I’ve wanted to go to the @mothstories for years and finally made it! Best part (besides having the sweetest date @courtw32)? My dear hummy chum told the best story about her “depreche mode” and subsequent discovery of the healing capacity of chanting. She’s the bee’s knees. #themoth #storytime #fiveminutes #nexttime #love

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