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Meena Singh  Board-certified dermatologist/Derm surgeon.Harvard Medical School grad/Mayo Clinic trained.Specialize in hair transplant/ethnic skin! Drmeenasingh.com

Having an amazing bday here in #Jamaica while ‘attending’ the NMA conference! So happy my girls @karimigituma and @drmichellehenry could join me! They’ve really made his a special day!

RIP Auntie Felicia...She was an amazing woman and mother who fought in the gulf war, sacrificed everything and was a force to be reckoned with!

You know your #FOMO is pathologic when you’re jealous of how annoying your brothers are without you 😩 Like..I can be annoying too!! 💁🏽‍♀️ I meann..that’s obvi..but still!

Beautiful Mother’s Day brunch! Appreesh my bro in law Sheldon for planning a great day for us!

For mother’s day, My auntie Vickie sent me a pic where Mommy clearly stole my look 😇 pictures my Uncle Derek, Sarita in her perpetual cranky state as a child 😅 and Myself-looking like Sonali! Happy Mother’s Day to all of the women in my family!

Omg just cuddling with @ericbenet in #TheChi ughhh Only non millenials will appreesh #RnBLife

#DramaFreaks End of the year Theater Banquet! 🎭

Last band concert of the year! Uncle Jai Poop showed up just in time to miss it 😩🤣

SinghCo De Mayo doeeee!! Issa serious situation! Happy burfday to my future sis in law @anita5590 #SinghForce strikes again!

#SchoolDayAtTheK cheering on our #KC #Royals ! Perf day after last night 🌪 😩 #RaisedRoyal #royalsocial

Welp looks like the #SinghForce is now officially the face of #Juneteenth in KC! Our ancestors would be so proud🤣 jk but Kudos to the Nelson for continuing this event for the 2nd year now! That’s a big deal! Usually only the black community even recognizes this holiday!

Remember those nice, juicy curly haired grafts?! 😎 This is how they are created under careful, microscopic dissection to avoid transection! #hairtransplant #curlyhair

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