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Meena Singh  Board-certified dermatologist/Derm surgeon.Harvard Medical School grad/Mayo Clinic trained.Specialize in hair transplant/ethnic skin! Drmeenasingh.com


#Derm101 Punch excision of an atypical appearing mole. I use a figure 8 stitch to close. Moles that have atypical features, but are not cancerous are termed dysplastic or atypical nevi. We recommend using the ABCDE mnemonic when looking at your moles. A=asymmetry B=Borders C=Colors D=Diameter E=Evolving

More reposts from my girl @kindrederm during our panel at the #AAD ! She is amazing! Just opened up her own practice in Baltimore AND it will have a hairstylist that she works with as well! 😘 #dermatology #hairloss

I just love this post by @drkarenk with our #mochaderm squad as a med student and now as a resident! #Dermatology is so incredibly hard to match in to, so it’s always fantastic to see how it works out! Also only ~2% of derms are of African descent, which is some of the lowest numbers of any specialty and it actually makes a difference in patient care! Great to see the numbers on the rise!

Super honored to speak on both of these #HairLoss panels at the #AAD with these amazing #hairguru on #alopecia workup and treatment and In African American women! #dermatologist #hairtransplant #mochaderms

Amazing connecting with the next generation of #dermchicks @lauralacquer @dr.surfia at the #NMA derm reception last night! I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I posted and how many of our up and coming med students and residents have been enjoying seeing these posts! So I’m back at it! #mochamed #dermatologists #skinofcolor #aad

Kids got to be extra black for #MLKDay sangin’ #WeShallOvercome behind Congressman Cleaver and the likes as well as the #BlackNationalAnthem

Welp Avani’s 10nf bday/sleepover was buckwild and is still going 😩 We had dance battles, slime stations, karaoke projected on the wall, and a Ganga nonsense. Pray for me y’all.

Happy 10th burfday to my future #phenomenalwoman type, Avani!! She’s gonna be my future game changer! I cannot believe I now have two kiddos over a decade old! Where has the time gone?!!

Had a blast with the fam snow tubing in our fake #Kc snow! #SnowBrownies #KansasLife

Yooo my bruhs got #KC inspired #InternationalFBoy costumes for #Xmas and went buck wild with their characters 😂🙄 Reppin with their personalized #KCChiefs fitteds 😅 #AlbumCover #RedSea #KansasLife

Well dag...I’m not sure what #Trump did to make the kids upset this time...but Avani said all she wanted for #Xmas this year was for Trump to be impeached 🤷🏽‍♀️ And they wanted to write him a letter instead of #Santa ... And there you have it 😮🖊 #AllIWantForChristmas #ImpeachTrump #Dissidents #NotHerPresident #PantSuitNation

Kids got to take their Auntie Asha’s #hiphop class here in #KC! @avsingh3290

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