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Meena Singh  Board-certified dermatologist/Derm surgeon.Harvard Medical School grad/Mayo Clinic trained.Specialize in hair transplant/ethnic skin! Drmeenasingh.com


Welp another successful minimally planned burfday party for Anjali and Akari! Had a blast at the pool party then packed the kids up and destroyed #WorldsOfFun #rollercoasterlife #heatexhaustion

Celebrating my first-born, Anjali's, 11th birthday frolicking in these beautiful Kansas Vineyards! She's such an amazing, bright, talented, dependable child! I can't wait to see what the future holds for her!

Fun times this morning doing a story on #SkinCancer in Hispanics and Blacks with the fab Alexis Del Cid from @kctv5 Its less common because our pigment helps to protect us from harmful UV rays; however, sun exposure is not the primary etiology in certain skin cancers in Blacks i.e. Melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma! Wear that sunscreen yall! #dermatologist #skinofcolor

OM to the G....we just lived!! Hooked up our boat to four others....filled with melanin-rich professionals! #Living #ChiTown #Chicago #LakeMichigan

Great time visiting @drwilliamyates amazing #hairrestoration office here in #Chicago ! Excited to learn #scalpmicropigmentation #hairtransplant

Brooke and I doing what we do best! Riding bikes in different cities and going on new adventures! #lakefront #ChiTown #Bikelife #TrojanFam

Y'all, look at Daddy!! Our aesthetician kept saying she had someone who used to babysit me and take me to dance! And i Was legit like..no not possible..I remember everything..I don't remember this! But the lady brought in proof from 1988!!! Daddy looked so healthy and happy! And Mommy legit looks like #Mobama and you can actually tell how bad @singhmeanslion was here! Forgot how much @sir_knipps_alot looked like a girl as a baby 😂 Poor @avsingh3290 wasn't alive yet 😩 Also didn't realize how much our kids look like beige versions of us as kids! @linda.singh.104 @saritak83 #The80s #GoodTimes #GreatOldies

Super Happy 6th Birthday to My Monster Dimples, Akari! This child is going to be a force to be reckoned with someday! She does not take 'no' for an answer! And she ALWAYS gets her way! [Mainly bc I don't have the energy to protest🤷🏾‍♀️]

These Egyptians know how to party! The reception didn't even start til 10:30 and went til 3 😩. Congrats @shady.maghraby and your beautiful wife! Blessings! Sidenote: Super glad I didn't have to recognize the love/hate holiday that is the Fourth of July. Similar to thanksgiving..there's always the turmoil bc American history is extra foul butttt the fireworks etc

#AncientAliens life today! Finally got to see one of the #SevenWonders ! Truly remarkable! It was so hot the kids were dying so we didn't go inside PLUS wasn't tryna catch that curse doeeee 🤷🏾‍♀️ #KingsAndQueens #AfricanSun #Pyramids #Giza

Egypt Part Deux: Its 107 Deg so had to cook off then Egypt museum was incredible! Saw real mummies of actual Kings including King Ramses and Akhenaten's coffins. Then had authentic Egyptian cuisine, destroyed the Bazaars, walked on the oldest street, ended with #Nile cruise and #bellydancing ! #GenieLamp #Cairo #Lefin

Fab 1st evening on the #Nile in #Egypt with some of my #hair transplant colleagues from Shanghai, Peru, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Cairo! Here to celebrate @shady.maghraby wedding!

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