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Should be a great one! Spots are filling quickly. #Repost @drandreospina
Functional Range Release Lower Limb certification April 13-15 at the @UFC Performance Institute @ufcpi - spaces are limited 👉👉 Register now @ FunctionalAnatomySeminars.com 👈👈
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Hyaluronic Acid.
There continues to mount some good evidence that shows HA may be one of the key factors in perceived tissue tension, which is one of the main outcomes used during tissue assessment and one that dictates the necessity for manual soft tissue intervention.
HA is a GAG that resides in the extracellular matrix and is particularly abundant in all connective tissues both extramuscularly and intramuscularly. It has a wide range of biological function most importantly from a manual therapy perspective it helps maintain the normal viscoelastic properties of CT, it controls tissue hydration and subsequent gliding of tissues as occurs during movement, it aids in the transmission of force propagated along muscular compartments and has signalling roles in cell differentiation and migration.
With changes in viscoelasticity due to changes at the tissue level as occurs during a lack of movement or overt immobility we now have an understanding that this results in an increase in HA concentration in the involved CT thus increasing viscosity and changing relative motion between the various layers of tissue within the area. This will have effects on overall viscoelasticity.
These changes will manifest as changes within the stiffness of the ECM and can have downstream effects to the structure and function of both the extra and intramuscular CT. Over time this may impede normal muscle structure (reduced # of sarcomeres) and eventually alter normal muscle function.
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Informative post by FR practitioner, FRCms and all around great dude @melvintann27. #Repost @melvintann27
Connective tissue consists of 3 main components; cells, fibres, and extracellular matrix. Fibroblasts are the cells responsible for the production of connective tissue. The interaction of the fibres, the extracellular matrix and the fluids, together form the pliable connective tissue as a whole.

Fibroblast cells. Fluorescent light micrograph of two fibroblast cells, showing their nuclei (green) and cytoskeleton. The cytoskeleton is made up of microtubules of the protein tubulin (yellow) and filaments of the protein actin (blue). The cytoskeleton supports the cell's structure, allows the cell to move and assists in the transport of organelles and vesicles within the cell. Fibroblasts are cells forming connective tissue, and are responsible for secreting connective tissue proteins such as collagen.
CREDIT: Dr Torsten Wittmann
The cytoskeleton itself is connected physically to the nucleus which is organised as a #tensegrity structure, knowing this biology, the application of tissue load via manual therapy input, can induce changes in cellular, and tissue structure. Fibroblastic response to load is dependent on the direction of the applied load, which leads to adaptations along these lines. This directional force load has the ability to metamorphose disorganised tissue into desired normal tissue outcome along the applied stress lines.
To paraphrase @drmchivers it is important to understand the purpose of soft tissue therapy, and what it does or what the goals of its performance are. 'Smashing' through tissue without a sound understanding of fundamental biological processes happening at the cellular level, and 'perception' of existing adhesions may be a doing the opposite on what the target tissue actually needs. .
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My wife @juchivs banging out the paper pickup challenge. #Repost @fusion_chiro
The Paper Pickup Challenge:
Try to pickup a piece of paper on one leg.
Challenges both stability and mobility of the the ankle, knee, hip, and low back, and stimulating many parts of the nervous system. .
When do we need to perform this task? Hopefully never! ...BUT challenging yourself in an EXTRAordinary way will make the ordinary easy-peasy! .
Tag us in your video, and be entered into a draw for a massage!
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Manual Therapy.
This post comes out of frustration for the lack of understanding of what the purpose of soft tissue therapy is or what it does or what the goals of its performance are.
First as I have discussed many times before, there has to be an outcome measure that dictates to a manual therapist that this tissue needs an input. To re-iterate the presence of pain while you smash a tissue is not an outcome. Your perception of adhesions in the tissue is just that a perception. Totally not palpable or assessable. Same with the density of tissue. If these are your outcomes then unfortunately you are lost.
So as you bruise tissue, continually ram your elbows through tissue, show us your magical tricks of how your expert hands suddenly caused a change in spinal processing, broke up adhesions or whatever else I have seen claimed, please start to ask yourself if this matches what biology tells us about tissue adaptation. #softtissuetherapy #biology #mechanotransduction #frrelease #functionalrangesystems #chiropractic

Functional Range Systems. #Repost @drandreospina
What are the physical capabilities of your right hip, left ankle, and right elbow?
Do you have the prerequisites to be able to squat, deadlift, or overhead press safely and effectively?
Would more active hip extension, patellar mobility, or shoulder extension improve your performance? 👉👉 Don’t guess - have our team of human movement specialists assess your body and prescribe a tailored program to improve your specific movement deficits — mitigate injuries, improve performance & joint health, and learn to #controlyourself#whatTheProsUse 🔻🔻🔻
Visit FunctionalAnatomySeminars.com to learn more
Our online programs match you up with our team of Functional Range Conditioning Instructors. They will assess your present mobility level and then provide personalized, detailed programming based on those results and what you would like to accomplish.
Your 8-week session will begin with our comprehensive Functional Range Assessment (FRA)® which will allow our experts to identify your specific problem areas as they relate to functional movement and mobility. Based on this detailed assessment, your coach will program a specific FRC® training regimen that will address your movement deficits, as well as improve your overall joint health and longevity, body control and performance. ▪️
Utilizing Skype sessions and email, when you train with us online, you will be working with the same team that teaches at all of our public and private certification seminars. The Functional Range Systems are currently being utilized by professional trainers and athletes in MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, MLS, ATP and MMA. ▪️
💥💥NOTE 📝 — Our online training is NOT a substitute for our certification seminars. If you’re interested in becoming FRC certified, please visit our website
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@bryanmarugg and I just did this at #FR Spine @impactnewberg. #Repost @jquintnmt
@trent.murphy Working on lumbar spinal segmentation.
☑️Optimal lumbar spinal segmentation is when ALL the segments (spinal joints) of the lumbar spine contribute to said motion (flexion/extension/etc.).
☑️Simply, each lumbar joint should be unrestricted and the individual should have the ability to control/move one spinal joint relative to each other.
⚠️Lack of spinal segmentation = lack of variability within the lumbar spine.
✅Variability is a necessary condition for optimal function; thus, optimal variability = highly stable behavior which enables the individual to produce emergent behavior that is flexible/adaptive, allowing adjustments to ever changing demands.
@tombarrywsbb @westsidebarbellofficial

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“it’s better to shoot pucks than have pucks shot at you” -Confucius (I think). I would agree. Judging by my sons smile (or lack thereof) so would he. #tendy #notgonnabeagoalie #goalielife #goalies #ratherbeasniper #bodangles

This is fantastic application of Articular Rotations by FR practioner FRCms and FRAs @jquintnmt #Repost @jquintnmt
@str8_flexin31 performing axial rotations of the glenohumeral (shoulder) joint in abduction post FR Release with my hands "blocking" his scapula. .
☑️Objective: acquire more dissociate active ranges of motion of the humerus (arm bone) relative to the scapula (shoulder blade). .
▶️"Blocking" the scapula gives him kinesthetic cueing, which allows him to feel the difference between the two bones; enabling him to work to acquire more dissociation between them. .
⚠️Simply, try to rotate the arm bone with little to motion of the scapula. .

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My man @drjohnsaratsiotis doing his thing. #Repost @drjohnsaratsiotis
Functional Range Release (spine certification) in Seoul, South Korea. Spinal segmentation is one way to assess for "hinge points" which can be problematic in the cervical spine. Improving mobility in the c-spine will lead to an increase in joint capsular space, which will allow for movement variability (which provides the groundwork for better movement performance)
Functional Range Release (or FR®) is an advanced and comprehensive system of soft tissue assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation used by some of the most highly regarded manual therapists around the world.
📌 Register now @ FunctionalAnatomySeminars.com and learn the most advanced soft tissue assessment & treatment system.
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FR practitioner, FRCms and FRAs @locrao. Outcome measures in manual therapy are so important to understand as they dictate appropriate intervention. #Repost @locrao
“Pain is NOT an outcome measure.” - @drmchivers

I have to admit that I fought with his one for a bit, but given that we are looking for objective measures in the clinic, tissue assessment does rule over subjective feedback. The specificity of the level and type of tissue you’re providing (mechanical inputs into) also makes for a better long term outcomes, not only for your N=1, but for every patient you will come across the rest of your career.

In @functionalrangerelease the concepts of:
🔸mechanical tension
🔸neurological tightness
🔸reflex spasm

are discussed and explained how they then drive whether a Level 1 or Level 2 PAIL or an iso-ramp is the best intervention and going to yield the best objective results.

Curious? Take an FR course. Use the system to then tie it in with your #FRC work and your FRA assessment.

@drderrickraymer here’s a subclavius release in 5x speed. Enjoy.

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Great video demonstrating the practical performance application of FUnctional Range Systems principles. #Repost @drandreospina
💥💥WATCH THE FULL VIDEO @ FACEBOOK.com/FunctionalAnatomySeminars💥💥💥
Working with some @UFC Fighters at the new UFC Performance Institute (@ufcpi ) in #LasVegas Nevada discussing the importance of functional #mobility and body control for Mixed Martial Arts training and competition.
#FunctionalRangeSystems #FunctionalRangeConditioning #UFC #UFCPI #MixedMartialArts #MMA #MMAconditioning #fightcamp #functionalrangeassessment #controlyourself #mobility #mmafighting #mobilitytraining #jiujitsu #sportsinjury #sportsmedicine #sportsperformance

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