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Dr. Lisa Ellis 👩🏼‍⚕️  • #DANCEPRESCRIPTION director • Doctor • Touring dance technique consultant • @capezio ambassador

Today was kinda perfect 💜 The Melbourne Workshop was spectacular with soooo much talent there (I had the best time with you all thank you so much!), followed by ice hockey with the gang (with a win by the Ice woo!), supporting some #danceprescription athletes at a dance comp who absolutely killed it and then dinner with this lot... my heart is just so full right now! ☺️

When you get gum on your shoe but it’s ok because life is pretty darn awesome 😎 I can’t wait for the SOLD OUT Open Melbourne Workshop tomorrow, it’s going to be insane! #danceprescription

Swipe for the before and comment your reaction. Mine is 😱🤯😍! Sometimes it’s only when you look back that you get to see how far you’ve come! 🐱 KC @catballintyne I am so immeasurably proud of the person and dancer you have become 😍 You inspire so many every single day... including me! #danceprescription
🎵 Bye Bye @gryffinofficial

“ABF’s croisé firebirds are so next level” - Coach Rylie.
😭 I think we’re finally teaching the ice hockey player a thing or two about dance 😂 Tag someone who surprises you with how much they understand about dance! #danceprescription #firebirds #auditionfever

Let the games begin 💜 #danceprescription audition call backs tonight were a little bit stupidly ridiculous 🤩

Seed goes alright hey 🤙🏼 I mean, for an 11 year old she’s really not terrible right? 😁 #danceprescription @capezio #teamcapezio

One of the hardest parts of auditions is having the courage to show what you can already do, and being brave enough to surprise yourself with things you didn’t know you were capable of 🤩 and hot DAMN I’ve seen a lot of bravery this weekend!! I can’t wait for the rest of the week full of auditions and workshops! ❤️❤️ #danceprescription

Please don’t make me choose 😭 Far out the talent over the last weekend was insane! I honestly wish I could have the pleasure of teaching each and every one of you, you were all incredible! 😍🤩 #danceprescription
🎵 @michaeljackson The Way You Make Me Feel

2019 auditions today BLEW MY MIND! I can’t wait for tomorrow!!! 🤩🤩🤩 #danceprescription next year is going to be insane!

Exactly how casual I’m trying to be about #danceprescription auditions STARTING TOMORROW 😆

How much do I miss #danceprescription? This much! 🙋🏼‍♀️ Lucky auditions are this weekend AHAJDHBF FNCIRIJEJENDNCNJD I’M SO EXCITED I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!

Only a few places left for the enormous Melbourne Open Workshop next weekend - link in bio if you haven’t booked already, you better get on it asap or you’ll miss out! 🥳 #danceprescription @capezio #teamcapezio 🎵 Electricity @dualipa @silkcitymusic

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