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Dr. Lisa Ellis 👩🏼‍⚕️  🌡 #DANCEPRESCRIPTION director 💉 Doctor 💃🏼 Touring dance technique consultant 🕶#teamcapezio

Juuuuust before the security guard shut us down 😜 #danceprescription #airportpics #worthittho

Sound up for this one! How awesomely supportive are these beautiful legends?! 🤩 Workshops like this literally bring me life ❤️❤️ @sldancers @kateayres_ @catballintyne #danceprescription @capezio #teamcapezio

Words can’t express how happy these guys make me, and we’re only half way ❤️ Today was simply perfect! 😍👌🏼 #danceprescription @dancing_elodie @nextgendancestudio @lara.mellon @julieryandancers_official
🎵Satisfied @wearegalantis

People always ask me how hard it is to run workshops everywhere all the time and I tell them: it’s hard. It’s hard teaching kids with only as much talent as these guys. It’s hard getting to meet brand new spectacular human beings every week. It’s really hard doing what I absolutely adore all the time and it’s even harder having to take these guys along for the ride. It’s just hard ok? But I’m dealing with it. We all have our challenges in life, ya know? #danceprescription 😛 @capezio #teamcapezio

Sorry I’ve been AWOL y’all, but she’s back! And I couldn’t be happier 💕 Those who know, KNOW how ridiculously excited I am to have her back xx ❤️ #loveislove

One day I will post some videos of when these two were first learning improv, and we can all grin together 😜 @kateayres_ @mantraa_sweet_dancer 🦐☃️ #danceprescription @sldancers @dancedesiresstudio @hannahmariedanceacademy #improv
🎵 Life of the Party by Shaun Mendez

@jordanmatter said he wanted to start with one of the most difficult shots and that it would probably take a while to get right... But then these guys pretty much nailed it on the second shot 📸💁🏼‍♀️ Still tbh I was probably more proud of the matchy matchy shoes 👟 😂 can you recognise them all? #danceprescription

Fri-hello weekend 🤓 @billiewato #danceprescription

Tiana is on holidays in Croatia. Tiana is giving y’all a leg. Be more like Tiana. Wave at people with your feet. Much more effective. 😜#dancersaremyfavourite #nicejobtwin2 @tiana_dancer05 #danceprescription

Secrets revealed about Ninja Prawn: 😎🦐
1. She hates turning in jazz shoes and blames them for her mediocre turns 😛
2. She often forgets that material possessions exist and forgot her @capezio pirouettes this lesson... hence the jazz shoes
3. I recently received old footage of her private consultations and let me just say... firstly my fashion sense... what was I thinking?! 🙈 And secondly, I now have proof there was once a time when the Prawn couldn’t turn 😱 YOU WANNA SEE?! 😜 TBH teaching her to turn at the beginning was... shall we say “challenging” 😂😛 Proof that YOU could be a Master Turner too if you had the Secret Ingredients! (But also for the record she worked her tail off every minute of every lesson and I loved teaching her as much now as I did then!) ❤️ @kateayres_ #capezioathlete @capezio #danceprescription
🎵 Connection @onerepublic

One of the things I adore about my second job is getting to drop in to studios for monthly “Clinics” 👩🏼‍⚕️ - watching the awesome athletes at @dancerevolution_ smash challenge after challenge that I’ve set for them has been pretty darn cool! 😍#danceprescription @billiewato @ayshiamila_dance
🎵 I See Love @jonasblue

I mean... who doesn’t live for a leg on a Sunday? 👣✌🏼 First person to correctly name the nickname of every dancer in the pic gets a follow back 😛 #danceprescription

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