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Dr. Lana Kashlan  American Board Certified Dermatologist, in Chicago&Dubai, For appointments call Chicago 630.590.5017. Dubai 044471777

In honor of acne awareness month, this post is a shout out to one of the hero treatments in dermatology: isotretinoin! This patient is just finishing her treatment course and was so happy to show me her before compared to today! Isotretinoin (previously known as accutane or Ro-accutane) is an oral vitamin A derivative and is the closest thing to a cure for acne that we have. It works primarily by shrinking the oil glands that contribute to the development of cystic acne. The typical course is about 6 months and the majority of patients will never have another breakout after completing the course. That being said, not everyone is a candidate for this treatment and due to side effects, this medication should only be taken under the guidance of a dermatologist 👩🏼‍⚕️

Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of fancy lasers and procedures to improve your skin health. Just by following the skin care plan I gave him, this patient has made great progress in just a few months. Good skin care products are for the skin what good nutrition is for the body! So stick to your “diet” of prescribed skin care and watch your skin become healthier ☺️

Yesterday I attended my sisters graduation from @aub_lebanon School of Public Health. I am happy to share there were so many women receiving their Masters and Doctorate degrees. Recently two of my fave instagirls and fellow female docs @clearskindoc and @dr.pamelamehta started an initiative called #shesanequal to share our stories of gender inequality as women in medicine and in other industries. The road to being a doctor is long and filled with so many obstacles. To the women entering, enduring, or completing their medical education keep your heels high and your head even higher. Throughout your career there will be people who will doubt you and say you shouldn’t go into medicine. They will tell you it’s too long or too hard for a girl. There will be people who will mistake your smile for silliness, and deny your expertise or your talent. There will be patients who will undermine you and call you “honey” instead of “doctor.” (Yes all of the above have happened to me dozens of times) ❣️But we stand on the shoulders of other female giants who came before us and we are followed by generations of women who will surpass our milestones and set new standards for #whatadoctorlookslike ❣️Congratulations to all the graduates of 2018, but especially to the littlest Kashlan girl @dannak

Another Bride! 👰🏼 This beauty is getting married in a few short weeks and wanted to make sure she is picture perfect for the walk down the aisle! Through a strategic and carefully planned approach combining @restylane_uae and @coolsculpting, I created a more sculpted jawline with more definition and a feminine but stronger chin. Oh, and of course a subtle and natural plump up of the lips to just give her that final touch of perfection! Congratulations to her and all my summer brides! 🎉

🚨Monday Makeover🚨 One of my favorite patients came in the other day for follow up on her acne scar treatments and I am so happy for her awesome results! While the scars are still present, they are much less deep and the edges are softened with improved smoother skin texture. Over the course of the year, we’ve done a combination of Fraxel laser resurfacing, Bellafill injectable filler, and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments to get here. Swipe ⬅️ for other side. 📍An important note about scarring: no one erase a scar 100% but my goal for patients is 80% improvement. Also, results like these take time to achieve and require a customized combination of treatments for best results.

Summer is officially here and that means shorter sleeves and skirts ☀️💃🏼👚👙 If you’re noticing small rough red bumps on the back of the arms or thighs, you may have KERATOSIS PILARIS. Scroll ⬅️ for an example of what this looks like. This is an incredibly common condition that is the result of keratin protein made by skin cells blocking the opening of the hair follicle on the skin surface and creating a small bump. 🤔 So how do we smooth out the bumps? I like to use a combination of moisturizers and exfoliants like glycolic acid and urea creams. Start with over the counter products like @dermadoctor.uae KP Duty and @glytoneusa KP kit. Chemical peels can be helpful and i have a few laser tricks to help reduce the redness of the bumps and smooth out the texture 💥 Even though there is no cure for this chronic, harmless condition, it can be improved.

Not all hair loss is treated with PRP injections. This particular type of hair loss is alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition that causes round patches of hair loss to develop. This condition can be treated with cortisone injections as I’m doing for this patient (check out how much regrowth from the previous treatment!) If you think you have hair loss, please see a board certified dermatologist for evaluation and the appropriate treatment 👩🏼‍⚕️💇🏼‍♀️👍🏻

Continuing the theme of treating acne scars, Fraxel is my go to laser for improving skin texture issues like wrinkles and scars. This resurfacing procedure has minimal downtime with just a bit of swelling and redness for the first 48hours👌🏻 Doing laser procedures on a regular basis is the secret behind having flawless, radiant skin all the time👩🏼‍⚕️

Today I had a patient tell me her acne scars are a constant reminder of how she suffered with acne years ago. Erasing these scars is a personal passion of mine. Usually a combination of lasers, chemical peels, and injectable fillers is needed. In this video, I’m starting with @bellafill a fantastic product that actually stimulates collagen to naturally fill in the scars over time. As always, the best treatment plan is completelyunique and depends on each patient’s skin!

After the long holiday weekend, stepping back into the office this week @chidermcenter and couldn’t be more excited! The month of May marks the second anniversary of my decision to take a leap of faith and open my own office. The journey has been filled with unexpected joys and surprises and has made me a better business person and an even better physician. Thank you to my amazing team on the ground in Chicago who make the dream a reality, and an especially heartfelt thank you to my incredible patients whose continued trust is the ultimate compliment and privilege!

Thanks to @brentlsaunders and the Allergan team for visiting @cosmesurge It was so nice to share my @coolsculpting experience from the States and Dubai!

This lovely had a gorgeous lip shape to begin with but she wanted a little more volume to hide a gummy smile. 👄 I love how naturally full they look from every angle 😍

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