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Kim Logan-Nowlin 

Slingshot car. I need this. Lol #slingshot @drkimnow #detroitrepresenting my dear friend Ennis Woods

My good friend Ennis Woods at the Caribbean Cultural Festival in Detroit.
@drkimnow #detroitrepresenting #carribbeanculturalfestivaldetroit

Auntie Kim I got Erin. It's good to have family in place. Love me some Snell family @drkimnow #familysupport

First day for Erin at Oakwood Adventist Academy in Huntsville, AL. I tried not to cry. 😭 @drkimnow #lovingmoments #oakwoodadventistacademyfirstday2017 #cryingmom

Congrats to my daughter who passed her audition for the Oakwood Academy Choir. This choir is the real deal. Great preparation for the Oakwood University Aeolians.#oakwoodadventistacademy @drkimnow #music

I'm in one of Erin's classes waiting for her audition for choir with Oakwood Academy Choir. They are awesome choir.
@drkimnow #momsarethecoolest #doingwhatmomsdo

Erin is on point getting everything in order for school to start tomorrow at
Oakwood Adventist Academy in Huntsville, Al. She is so excited. God is good. #huntsvilleal @drkimnow #schoolsupplyshoppingdone
Arthur E. Nowlin

Well, Well, look who Erin ran into today registering. Her Pre-calculus instructor Mr. Dent. God places people when and where at the right time for a reason. Mr. Brandon Dent has been Erin's math teacher for several years at PWA now at Oakwood Adventist Academy her new school in Huntsville, Al. Erin is so happy and so am I as her mom. She has found home here. Please keep her in prayer as she begins this new exciting 12th grade journey at Oakwood Adventist Academy.
#new school @drkimnow #oakwooddadventistacademy #huntsvilleala #mygreatmathteacher

It's official. Erin stayed the course and finished the race. She passed all requirements and her road test. God is good. Thank you Damon Smith for stepping in for her father Arthur to prepare her. Last but not least the girls: Detroit-4: D-4 ( Diamond, Monet, Maya and Erin)
It's takes a caring village. Praise the Lord.
Next step car. 😀
@drkimnow #driverslicense #detroit

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