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I’ve put in a full day and accomplished a lot. I could work another 4-5 hours, but I’m drawing a line. No more work today. It will still be there tomorrow. -
Instead, I’m going to spend some time on self care and getting a good night sleep. (I didn’t sleep well last night, and that will be a topic of tomorrow’s post).
I’m fortunate that I won’t get fired if I don’t do more work tonight. I understand that not all people have that luxury. At the same time, however, I would encourage you to consider what the trade off is between working more and taking a break. -
Are you family or loved ones missing you? Could you be working out or cooking a healthy meal? Could you spend an extra 30 mins playing with your dog or working on a hobby?
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I read once that spending an hour on Sunday night getting ready for the start of the work week is an hour well spent. Getting ready for the next day and making sure that nothing blindsides you on Monday morning can be very worthwhile. Even checking your email to make sure no crises are awaiting you can make the start to the week more manageable. -
Some people might not want to interrupt the weekend with work. But even meal prep, laying out your clothes, spending time with family, or taking a bubble bath can be part of an effective Sunday evening routine. -
For me, I make sure my calendar is current with appointments and deadlines. I think about when I’ll be eating out and when I need to cook. And, I make sure I have clean clothes and groceries for the week. -
What’s your a Sunday evening routine?
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I recently started attending church again. My new church is a 10 minute walk from my apartment; I’m not sure why I never checked it out before.
I’ve been a believer since I was about 7, but my pursuit of God has been sporadic throughout my life. My only conclusion right now is that life is better when I make room for God.
Recently, I’ve been listening to worship music and praying more. I’m generally content and at peace. -
Do you connect to a higher power? How? What characterizes that practice for you?
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I had an ambitious plan for yesterday to swim after I taught then to get a bunch of work done before lunch. But I was wiped out after teaching, and my body was telling me to rest. I had swam three days in a row and needed a break.
I listened to my body and went home for a nap. I’ve also taken it easy today. I almost feel normal but probably need a good night sleep tonite. I imagine I thwarted illness by not working out yesterday.

I often think that I’m more tired than I realize and that I need to rest more than I do. I’m happy that I listened to my body yesterday and made time to rest and recover.
Do you push through when your body is telling you to rest and recover? How does that work for you?

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Starting reading this today by @medicalmedium. Pretty intrigued by the information contained within. Hadn’t really thought about the liver outside of drinking alcohol. Fascinating what that organ does. I’m only about 6 chapters in, so it will be awhile before I finish it. But I’m already inspired to make some lifestyle changes with respect to diet and nutrition. Has anyone else read it?

I also got this hardcopy. It’s been a long time since I’ve held and read a physical, hardcopy book. I’m enjoying holding it and feeling the pages instead of scrolling and scrolling through my e-reader app.
What books have inspired you lately?

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To start 2019, I traveled home to Hawaii and enjoyed company of family and good local food.

There’s nothing like being at home; Hawaii is obviously a special place. I wonder why I don’t live here. Being home in Hawaii brings me peace that I don’t experience elsewhere. Sure, I like to travel, and I enjoy living in SF. But as I sit at home preparing this post, I am experiencing a peace that so don’t often find.
How do you find your peace? What does that look or feel like? Is it a place? An experience? Whatever it is for you, find it. And, enjoy it.
Best wishes in 2019!

#encouragement #inspiration #peace #wellbeing #health #selfcare #mindfulness

2018 was pretty trying with family health challenges and passing of my dog, Kona. As I collect myself and prepare for the new year, I’m reflecting on what I want 2019 to be for me.
The word inspiring me for 2019 is “pace.” As we head into the new year, I want to pace myself appropriately. Admittedly I want to rush into the new year and leave behind the challenges and grief of 2018. I also have many goals to accomplish in the new year as there are several projects I want to move forward. But through any efforts to achieve these goals, I want to PACE myself. “Pace” is a complex term because there are many ways to pace myself. For starters, I want to make sure I get enough rest. If that doesn’t happen, all other efforts will quickly unravel. So, at this point, pacing myself really implies getting adequate rest. None of my long term goals will be accomplished in a day or a week. So, I need to pace myself through those processes and rest as needed (probably more than I think I need to). How will you pace yourself in the new year?

#newyear #encouragement #inspiration #reflection #mindful #mindfulness #selfcare

Today would have been Kona’s 9th birthday. Tomorrow marks only 3 weeks since he left me suddenly. I got his ashes back last Thursday.
This is the place I’ve made for him in our apartment. In the back left is the container I used to feed him. I wish I had a video of him eating out of it because it was definitely unique. Next to that are all the beautiful sympathy cards that I’ve received on his passing. His urn is walnut because that was the darkest of wood choices and closest to his dark chocolate color. I’ll place the picture of him at the beach in the holder because that my favorite photo of him and captures the way I want to remember him. His collar is placed closest to the west because the sun has set on his life. The leash is extended because I’m still reaching for him and wishing he were still here with me. I left a banana for him because he always loved bananas and would come running whenever he heard the “crack” of one being peeled. The orange toy is one of his recent favorites. The chocolate covered bed on the floor was not always in this place. Kona spent a lot of time in this spot looking outside at the grass (last photo), so I decided to keep this bed here for now.

Kona, I love you and miss you so much. So many people miss you too. I still can’t believe that you’re not here for your 9th birthday. Thinking of you and the hike I wanted to take you on today. Love you, doggie.

after 80 minutes at the park, Kona was good and tired. during those 80 minutes, he broke into a sprint twice. i was quite proud of him. he really didn’t want to get out of the car when we got home! #dog #dogs #dailydog #igdogs #dogsofig #dogsofinstagram #lab #labrador #labradorretriever #chocolatelab #chocolatelabrador #ilovelabs #iphone8plus #iphonephotography #nofilter

I wasn’t the only one enjoying #bluespace and #softfascination this morning. I love watching Kona outside in nature. Great to hear the birds chirping and smell the eucalyptus too. It’s hazy in #SF but still great to get outside. #forrestbathing #sanfrancisco #sfweather #dog #dogs #dailydog #igdog #dogsofig #lab #labrador #labradorretriever #chocolatelab #chocolatelabrador #iphone8plus #iphonephotography #nofilter

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