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Dr. James Werner  Chiropractor: Flow Motion Spine & Sport. Performance Coach at Crash Conditioning.

This pic is a great conversation piece as it shows a lot of neurology that can influence low back, hip and leg discomfort ie the cluneal and sciatic nerves. Unfortunately smaller yet powerful neurovascular bundles in the same area are not depicted. Follow up posts will show how to utilize concepts from @motionpalpation @dnsrehabilitation @dermal_traction_method #neurofunctionalacupuncture to restore sensory motor integration. #chiropractor #repost@physioosteogram with @get_repost
Bodies Anatomy Series:
Amazing plastination of the Spinal Nerves, also have a look at the Piriformis Muscle and its connection to the Sciatic Nerve! 👌
You can see perfectly that this muscle can have a lot of influence on the Sciatic Nerve in terms of Piriformis Muscle Syndrome! ⚡️

Know the demands of your sport and adapt accordingly. #Repost @westsidebarbellofficial with @get_repost
Don't be fooled by big muscles or think that if you get bigger you will get stronger.
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This is why your breathing strategy is so important. Remember: stabilization proceeds movement; therefore, how we stabilize (breathe) profoundly affects how we move. @crashconditioning #crashletes this is why we start every session with #hipflow and #shoulderflow. #cantshootacanonfromacanoe #DNS #PragueSchoolOfRehabilitation

Early off season is the time to “normalize” tissue tone and motor control so the later phases can be spent adapting to motor skills not compensations. Here are a couple movements emphasizing IAP and the upper extremity. @crashconditioning @crashperformanceandhealth #chiro #yyc #hockey #sportsperformance #movementflows

You can’t shoot a canon from a canoe so we start with isometrics to address neuromuscular control. Added benefits include analgesia and cardiovascular responses not seen with dynamic mvmt. Here are a few examples with a lower extremity emphasis. The next post will include examples emphasizing the upper extremities. @crashconditioning @crashperformanceandhealth #chiro #yyc #gpp #jointsactlikejoints #movementflows

Nice little reminder from @hmmrmedia @coachgambetta that the human body is not linear nor function as singular structures. Training and therapy must account for neurological and physiologic truths. It may be simple to blame I singular structure but we need to expand our search. Nerves innervate more than 1 structure, exist far beyond the spine, respond to spinal and extra spinal reflex loops and heavily influenced by the metabolic demand of nutrients to the nerve. In recurring or severe injuries there can be a biopsychosocial component. @crashconditioning @crashperformanceandhealth #sportsperformance #hockey #chiro #sportstherapy #nonlinear #yyc

Nerves are more than cables. They are secretory glands that lead to electrical impulses that have influences on sensory, motor, endocrine and immune systems. Joints are more than locked in hinges. They are free floating axis that allow for dynamic movement. Muscles are more than ropes. They are ever adapting tissues meant for the wear and tear of life. Simplifying the complexity of the human body for sake of convenience does a disservice to yourself and the person you are trying to educate. My take home message from Alejandro Elorriaga Claraco. #neurofunctional #thinkdifferently #chiro #yyc @crashconditioning @crashperformanceandhealth

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The IT Band
🤔 What if... we didn’t think of the IT Band how we currently think of the IT Band? .
🔨 What if... we didn’t repeatedly beat it up and/or “try to lengthen” it? .
🌀What if... instead we thought of it as an elastic component and an extension of the contractile elements for both shock absorption and for energy storage? .
😏 What if... I just need to stop thinking out loud.

When you start your training session with movements that promote joint centration through coactivation from inter and intramuscular coordination, motor unit recruitment and rate coding your main movements become the mobility, stability correctives. @crashconditioning @crashperformanceandhealth #chiro #yyc #hockey #sportsperformance

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I could repost this every day. Sage advice. #exerciseismedicine Repost from @tdathletesedge using @RepostRegramApp - Let’s promote movement, strength, durability and the fact that every human is an athlete instead.

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They can go batshit haywire sometimes, but they never forget. You can use that to your advantage when recovering
Need to stop thinking anatomy and start think physiology. Look deep in the past for an underlying answer to pain and illness
Systems work together
Feel free to share, comment, ask questions. Anything goes it’s all good
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Before you prepared an elevator speech/posted on the internet for the what you do and how you do it there was a why. The reason for sacrifices. It’s the drive that you can’t find words for. Often easier explained as a visceral reaction. When your how and what line up with your why, doing your job is easy. #startwithwhy #surroundyourselfwiththosewhosharethesamevison #addtocollection #selfrefelct #loudestnoisesfromtheemptiestbarrels #nfe @crashconditioning @crashperformanceandhealth

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