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Dr. James Werner  Chiropractor and Performance Coach at Crash Conditioning.

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The IT Band
🤔 What if... we didn’t think of the IT Band how we currently think of the IT Band? .
🔨 What if... we didn’t repeatedly beat it up and/or “try to lengthen” it? .
🌀What if... instead we thought of it as an elastic component and an extension of the contractile elements for both shock absorption and for energy storage? .
😏 What if... I just need to stop thinking out loud.

When you start your training session with movements that promote joint centration through coactivation from inter and intramuscular coordination, motor unit recruitment and rate coding your main movements become the mobility, stability correctives. @crashconditioning @crashperformanceandhealth #chiro #yyc #hockey #sportsperformance

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They can go batshit haywire sometimes, but they never forget. You can use that to your advantage when recovering
Need to stop thinking anatomy and start think physiology. Look deep in the past for an underlying answer to pain and illness
Systems work together
Feel free to share, comment, ask questions. Anything goes it’s all good
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Before you prepared an elevator speech/posted on the internet for the what you do and how you do it there was a why. The reason for sacrifices. It’s the drive that you can’t find words for. Often easier explained as a visceral reaction. When your how and what line up with your why, doing your job is easy. #startwithwhy #surroundyourselfwiththosewhosharethesamevison #addtocollection #selfrefelct #loudestnoisesfromtheemptiestbarrels #nfe @crashconditioning @crashperformanceandhealth

The shoulder (glenohumeral) joint can be equated to a golf ball on a saucer. The passive structures (bone/ connective tissues) have minimal ability to maintain maximal congruency between the humerus and glenoid making it very susceptible to neural mechanisms of decentration ultimately limiting ROM (See last post). Active care following manual therapy like adjusting/mobilization of the spine and soft tissue work is one of the best ways to strengthen the mind-muscle connection by improving agonist and antagonist coordination. @crashconditioning @crashperformanceandhealth #chiropractor #yyc #shoulderhealth #hockey #sportsperformance #jointsshouldactlikejoints #caseydonahewbandtocalgary

Loss of range of motion can occur at a single or multi-joint level for numerous different reasons, usually neurological and sometimes histologically. When treating it is important to make an accurate diagnosis as treatment times and interventions will vary based on neurologic/ histologic involvement.
Here are 5 forms of joint dysfunction:
1. Neural mechanism- stress on the mechanoreceptors and nociceptors of the articulation can alter the afferent input, decreasing joint spacial awareness at the cortical level
2. Altered tone and length of muscles: MFTP’s caused by #1 or histological changes due to contracture, scar tissue, or fusion/plates from surgery
3. Uncentrated joints: opposing joint surfaces lack congruency altering afferent input and ROM (see #1)
4. Alterations of physical/ chemical properties of synovial fluid/surfaces preventing proper joint motion.
5. Entrapment of synovial material/ meniscoid between joint surfaces @crashconditioning @crashperformanceandhealth #chiro #yyc #motionpalpation #dns #jointsshouldactlikejoints #formfollowsfunction #sportsperformance

The adjustment is arguably the most powerful tool in the chiropractic/ manual therapy tool box. It has the ability to inhibit sympathetic activity, inhibit nociception and relax muscles,see 2nd pic-taken from @motionpalpation. Neurologically these benefits are enough to provide relief. In re-occurring issues more physiological adaptations may be required to see the desired change, meaning consistent active self care. Pic 3 shows training residuals from Vladimir issurins book “block training”. The longest lasting training residuals are physiologic adaptations which take the longest to achieve. The most transient adaptations are neurological and take the shortest time to achieve. @crashconditioning @crashperformanceandhealth #chiropractic #yyc #sportsperformance #fearthebeard @nickheuer

When it comes to squat variations, squatting to a box and Box squats are visually similar. However their respective training adaptations are much further apart. Yes the box potentially limits depth but it also ensures the desired depth to maintain the quality of each rep is achieved. Clip 1: squat to a box benefits- no loss of eccentric preloading(stretch shortening cycle maintained)as you never “rest” on the box. This helps develops yielding isometric strength. Clip 2: box squat benefits- eccentric preloading is diminished due “relaxing” of the hip musculature once sitting on the box. This teaches the body how to take up muscle slack and generate the initial force production similar to deadlifting (overcoming isometric strength). Clip 3: side by side comparison of a box squat (rep 1) and a squat to the box (rep 2). @crashconditioning @crashperformanceandhealth #backhealth #happyhipsandgroin #chiropractic #yyc

Following joint manipulation is a great time to introduce/ reinforce movement patterns as the individual has an increased range of motion (ROM) and increased cortical awareness from stimulating the mechanoreceptors of the joints and surrounding histology. #Repost @crashperformanceandhealth (@get_repost)
Dr. James is taking us through some hip flow .
•First clip: Diaphragmatic breathing allows for proximal stability distal mobility meaning better abs and improved shoulder and hip mobility.
•Second clip: Hip dissociation allows us to take stress of the low back by centrating the FA joint and improving coactivation of the muscles of hip girdle. •Third clip: putting diaphragmatic breathing and hip dissociation together to mimic the hip hinge pattern. #diaphragmaticbreathing #proximalstability #distalmobility #hipmobility #stability #mobility #athleticperformance ##chiropractor #crashhealth #crashperformanceandhealth #crashconditioning
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