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David Drake 

Everybody meet Deuce! Since I'm surrounded by girls, I had to get me a son! #DeuceDrake #Boxer #Brindle

Few things in life these days make me truly and extremely happy! This little princess is one of them!! Don't ever let someone tell you that you aren't good enough, you're going to change the world baby! Daddy loves you with all my heart! #AustynFaye #prideandjoy #1ofthe3

These are prolly in no way, shape or form healthy for me but I swear they are so good! #mouthonfirešŸ”„


I may be out numbered in a house full of girls but with a face like this, how could I even be mad! #AustynFaye #girldadlife #housefullofprincesses

When you're waiting on the rain to pass, you go to the honey hole!! #rippinlipsšŸŽ£

Sucks to suck!!! Lol #MAGA

MAGA 2020!!!

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