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Caliente  - No alcohol. Just chili. - Double awarded, organic and Swedish. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀#drinkcaliente 🌶 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Buy online ⬇️

Get inspired by Fredrik Lundegård (one of Sweden's absolute best) and make a WILL OF 1895 this weekend 🎡🍹⠀
– 2 cl pineapple syryp. Maison Routin 1883⠀
– 3 cl fresh lime juice⠀
– 2 cl egg white (use chick pea foam for a vegan version)⠀
– 8 cl Caliente ginger lime chili⠀
– Shake and strain into an ice-filled highball glass.⠀
- Garnish with a small chili and sliced ginger⠀ 🌶️⠀
#nonalcoholic #drinkcaliente #mocktails #thirstythursday #throwbackthursday

Swedish winter. Winter blues. ⠀
We do our best to avoid it by drinking our fair share of chili. As it makes our brains respond by releasing endorphins - natural feel-good chemicals* ⠀
The same stuff happens when we exercise and so another tip is to head to the gym or the trail. Just a few weeks now until it starts to get lighter... Stay sharp 👊⠀

*In a survey made with 500 000 Chinese a few years back, a high chili consumption also showed greater chances of living longer and less risk of a no. of diseases such as cancer...⠀

💜 to @nikolaipettersen for the photo!⠀

#winterblues #staysharp #exercise #nonalcoholic #drinkcaliente #sweden_photolovers

Ginger, couldn't do without. A lifesaver when winter is upon us, to clear that view. In food, with hot water, fermented and sparkly. ⠀

Ginger h e a t is also quite special, adding that initial sensation to our Caliente drinks, before the chili heat (right now we're experimenting a lot with habaneros) takes over. ✨⠀

We love 🌶️. And ginger. And You. ⠀

#drinkcaliente #chili #ginger #nonalcoholic #alcoholfree

Caliente + Sweatcoin = 💕

We sent a box to team @sweatcoin , check out their reactions! 😂😍 Also, we’ve got a new Sweatcoin campaign running. All of you Sweatcoin users get a significant discount AND free shipping on a case of the world’s first “4D drink”. Haven’t got the app? Download it now and start walking – you never know when great offers come around.

Amazing 📹 by @sweatcoin
#sweatcoin #drinkcaliente #staysharp #nonalcoholic #organic #reaction #reactionvideo

40% DISCOUNT when you crave NO ALCOHOL but CHILI. Cannot believe it! Christmas is just a few weeks away, and with it social gatherings where driving people, pregnant people, unbearably drunk people and the rest of us will do our best to co-exist. ⠀
Caliente is the perfect addition to any drink table. 3 organic and exciting versions and less sugar than your standard bottle of wine.⠀

We ship all over Europe too, and right now you get 40% off in our webshop with promo code NOALCOHOL -> drinkcaliente.com⠀

Stay sharp!

Nothing but finished plates. (That goat sausage was soon lost as well). You need to try Caliente Plum Rosemary Chili to all of your favorite fall flavors: Dressed lentils, nuts, mushrooms and wild meats! ⠀
(Or when your friends choose a Chardonnay)⠀

You'll find all cooking videos and recipes from Michelin chef (and flavor inspirer) #tittiqvarnström at facebook.com/drinkcaliente⠀

#organic #michelinrestaurant #foodie #foodporn #drinkcaliente #drinkinnovation #yummy

Today's job: Product development. No news we like it hot but seriously - you should've seen those flames in the kitchen 😅⠀

#startuplife #drinkcaliente #bestoftheday #chili

So, we drink less and less. Alcohol that is.
All of us, but especially young adults are cutting down.
And what ends is the opportunity for something new. Perhaps an award winning chili infused drink! 🏆🌶🕺 #november #drinkcaliente #instadrink #malmö

Good morning to another weekend! Hope you'll spend it your favorite way. For our team, it's all about🕺🏽with a little bit of 🧗♂ some 🎭 and definitely quite a bit of 🥐+☕ ⠀

#drinkcaliente #weekendvibes #chilli #nonalcoholic

Lunch. We're making it easy today with a vegan warm pak choi salad pimped up with cashews and thai basil. And grab a Caliente Blueberry Lemongrass Chili from the fridge, works like magic! 😋
All you need is pak choi, garlic, sesame oil, thai basil, frying oil, cashews and some hoisin sauce.

#lunch #drinkcaliente #asianfood #asiancooking #vegetarian

Last day of sober October and Scandinavia is getting dark. Oh, and it's Halloween 🎃 Stay sharp tonight, drink your chili! ⠀

#soberoctober #november #drinkcaliente #instadrink #malmö #halloween

Treat yourself to a “Caliente Daquiri”! No alcohol. No hangovers. Only pure awesomeness! ⠀
In a blender, combine 3 cl lime juice, 2 tbsp sugar, a handful of frozen strawberries and 6 cl Caliente Cranberry/Pomegranate/Chili. Blend until smooth.⠀
Serve in an iced glass and garnish with a strawberry or chili. Voilà!⠀

#drinkcaliente #nonalcoholic #daquiri #recipe

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